Microsoft is bringing an option to stop automatic firmware updates to Teams Android.


The Microsoft Feedback Portal for Teams is black with the Teams logo and speech bubble in the background.

A new update to the Microsoft 365 roadmap has confirmed that Microsoft will soon allow IT administrators to track and stop automatic firmware updates on Teams for Android, specifically Android and Android-based Teams. Phones, panels and displays on Thames rooms. It was added to the roadmap earlier today and will allow administrators to have more control over firmware updates.

Device firmware can, among other things, be updated remotely through the Thames Admin Center, and the new feature will work the same way. The new change ID is 119389 and it Says that:

Microsoft Teams: Track and pause automatic firmware updates for Android-based Teams devices in the Teams admin center

With this feature, IT admins can track what firmware is being rolled out and when through automatic updates through the Teams Admin Center. Additionally, automatic updates can be temporarily paused, allowing time to validate scenarios. This feature applies to Android and Android-based Thames phones, panels and Thames Rooms on displays.

Although the Thames Admin Center only pushes updates that are labeled as “verified by Microsoft”, either automatically or manually, this new option will give administrators additional flexibility as automatic updates can now be Can be temporarily stopped. The feature is set to become generally available next month.

Microsoft Says that That automatic updates will be speeded up in the coming days, so this feature might come in handy for system admins.


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