Microsoft is actively investigating slow Windows 11 preview download and install speeds.


A broken Windows 11 logo indicates a bug.

Earlier today, Microsoft released the latest internal build on the Windows 11 dev channel. The new build 25276 brings a new task manager feature, new OneDrive upgrade alert, and several bug fixes.

And as usual, there’s also a list of open issues that Microsoft is investigating. And while some of the issues are older that the company is still looking into, a new issue noted by the Redmond firm indicates that the company is aware of user reports and issues when it comes to recent Windows updates. 11 when it comes to download speed. Internalize.

The changelog describing the issue states:

[NEW] Some users are experiencing longer than expected update times installing recent builds. We are actively investigating this issue.

Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc, a senior program manager on the Windows Insider Program team and a very active social networking person, suggested that the Redmond dev is actively looking into the Insider build upgrade issue.

In addition to the changes announced in the new dev build, Microsoft is also looking to phase out MSDT in a few years, when Windows 12 is expected to be around.


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