Microsoft has tweaked the Windows Spotlight experience in Dev Preview 11 build 25281, and more


Windows 11 Insider Preview

Microsoft today released a new Windows 11 Insider Build 25281 on the Dev channel. The new release brings visual changes to the Graphics Settings page, Windows Spotlight tweaking, Notepad tabs are also coming to Insiders in the dev channel, and as usual, there’s a long list of important bug fixes.

The full changelog is given below:

what’s new

Optimizing Windows Spotlight

Starting with this build, we’re starting to try different treatments for what Windows Spotlight looks like. All treatments will continue to share existing basic Windows Spotlight features such as hovering over an icon on the desktop, right-clicking an icon on the desktop, and double-clicking an icon on the desktop. The Spotlight treatment will include an improved UI around displaying the title and description and learning more about the image displayed on your desktop through Spotlight. We’re also testing different ways to switch to different images with a preview, a full-screen experience, and a minimal experience. Dev channel insiders will see different treatments on their PCs so not everyone will see the same thing and the treatments will only be shown in English.

One of the multiple cures for Windows Spotlight with a rich UI that displays in a full-screen experience.  Clicking on the desktop anyway eliminates the full-screen experience.

One of the multiple cures for Windows Spotlight with a rich UI that displays in a full-screen experience. Clicking on the desktop anyway eliminates the full-screen experience.

To enable Windows Spotlight on your computer today, right-click on your desktop and select “Personalize” and then choose a new Spotlight theme. Additionally, you can enable Windows Spotlight directly but by going to Settings > Personalization > Background and selecting the option under the “Personalize your background” dropdown.

Feedback: Please submit feedback in the Feedback Hub (WIN + F) under Desktop Environment > Windows Spotlight.

Changes and improvements


  • In keeping with Windows 11’s new design principles, we’ve redesigned the Graphics Settings page. Settings > Display > Graphics To help you access graphics configuration like ‘GPU Priority’ and ‘Auto HDR’ more easily. The functionality of these settings remains unchanged from previous versions of Windows, but now we have a more streamlined visual appearance. To know more about all graphics settings in Windows 11 – Check out this blog post on the DirectX blog.

The Graphics Settings page has been updated to better match Windows 11 visuals.

The Graphics Settings page has been updated to better match Windows 11 visuals.

Fixes it.

[Taskbar & System Tray]

  • Updated the printer icon in the system tray when printing something, so that it better aligns with other modern icons.

  • When navigating the taskbar using WIN + T and the arrow keys, the app’s icon position should now be called by Narrator (for example, File Explorer might say “one of fifteen”, if It is in the first position and there are 15 app icons on your taskbar).

[File Explorer]

  • Updated the error dialog when network discovery is turned off so that it points to the correct location to enable it.

  • Fixed an explorer.exe crash that could occur when closing File Explorer.


  • Fixed an issue where the SSID was not being populated on your Wi-Fi’s properties page in Network and Internet Settings.

  • In a scenario where you are prompted for a UAC dialog when switching networks between private and public, that UAC dialog should now appear in the foreground instead of being behind other windows.

  • Fixed an issue where Quick Settings could not reopen after going to the Wi-Fi section and closing the flyout.



  • Fixed an issue when the @mention window pops up in Outlook where Narrator was not announcing.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause some app uninstalls to get stuck and fail the uninstall in the last few builds.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Windows Print Queue window to sometimes crash in recent builds.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause SQL Server Management Studio to fail to launch.

Note: Some of the fixes noted here in the Insider Preview build from the dev channel may make their way into servicing updates for released versions of Windows 11.

Known issues


  • Using Windows Hello to sign in with Face ID may not work on Arm64 PCs. A workaround for this is to use Hello PinPath.

  • Some users are experiencing longer than expected update times installing recent builds. We are actively investigating this issue.

  • We are investigating reports that some Insiders are experiencing freezes when using the browser and some other apps after a previous Dev Channel flight.

[Taskbar & System Tray]

[Search on the Taskbar]

The following known issues only apply to Windows Insiders who received one of the different fixes for how search looks on the taskbar that started with Insiders. Build 25252:

  • There is an issue where you will be unable to change the taskbar search box to only show as an icon through the taskbar settings in some cases. To work around this issue, first change to a different option and then, you should be able to choose to show as icon only.

[Task Manager]

  • Some dialogs may not be displayed in the correct theme when applied from the Task Manager settings page.

  • The Data Content area of ​​the Processes page may flash once when theme changes are applied in the Task Manager Settings page.

For developers

You can download the latest Windows Insider SDK.

SDK NuGet packages are also flying now. NuGet Gallery | Windows SDK These include:

Find the official blog post. Here.


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