Microsoft has removed licensing restrictions for cloud use on Windows Server 2022.


Microsoft has just updated the license terms for its Windows Server products. This brings a big change for Windows Server 2022 clients. Product terms pages only display a table as seen below. He offered no explanation or reasoning with the table. To get more information, you must select the specific product and go through a number of terms.

But people Cloudy with a licensing opportunity And Licensing School have decoded the terms in depth and found three notable changes:

  • Removing the minimum requirement of 16 core licenses to use virtual machines or Azure Hybrid Benefit
  • Allowing customers to match the actual core number of their VMs with licensed cores, Instead of grouping them in multiples of eight
  • Allowing users who license Windows Server through a subscription from a cloud service provider to use standard licenses with data center VMs

Windows Server is now licensed per physical core. with the Flexible virtualization plan, users can license the number of cores they want to use in virtual machines. Microsoft is also opening the door to selling long-term hosting solutions for better price stability. This goes up to a three-year subscription plan.

The changes are driven by Microsoft’s goal of defending its Windows Server revenue, which faces competition from open-source alternatives. Even its developers admit it. Linux is increasingly used in its Azure servers. Compared to Windows Server. Microsoft didn’t share a press release on the matter, but it appears to be a direct challenge to lower licensing costs in order to compete with rival offerings. Learn more about you. License terms here


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