Microsoft has promised that it will soon provide users with access to ChatGPT as a service on Azure.


Chat GPT has been making a lot of waves in the mainstream media lately. The capabilities and potential use cases demonstrated by the GPT-3 large language model have managed to wow consumers and enterprise users alike. Naturally, Microsoft, which has invested $1 billion in ChatGPT’s founding company OpenAI — with reports of more financing to follow — wants to capitalize on the momentum. As such, it has committed to launch ChatGPT on Azure soon.

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Microsoft has announced that its Azure OpenAI service is now generally available, which means customers can access complex AI models such as GPT-3.5, Codex, and DALL•E 2 on the cloud. For those unfamiliar, GPT is the family of major language models powering ChatGPT, Codex is the model used to convert natural language into programming code in GitHub Copilot, and DALL•E. It is a service Can create images only after receiving textual information.

As such, Microsoft boasts that Azure is the “best place to build AI workloads” for customers of all sizes across industries looking to save time on operational activities and offer seamless AI-powered services to end users. are It claims that users can build AI applications on Azure by leveraging a purpose-built AI-optimized infrastructure with enterprise-grade functionalities.

That said, Microsoft has noted that it’s committed to innovating in the AI ​​space in a responsible manner — something many believe it isn’t, at least not yet. This Emphasizes:

We’ve taken an iterative approach to large models, working closely with our partner OpenAI and our customers to carefully evaluate use cases, learn and address potential risks. Additionally, we have implemented our own safeguards for the Azure OpenAI service that are consistent with our Responsible AI principles. As part of our limited access framework, developers are required to apply for access, describing their intended use case or application, before being granted access to the Service. Content filters uniquely designed to catch abusive, hateful, and offensive content continuously monitor input provided to the Service as well as content generated. In the event of a confirmed policy violation, we may ask the developer to take immediate action to prevent further misuse.

We are confident in the quality of the AI ​​models we are using and offering to customers today, and we strongly believe they will empower businesses and people to innovate in completely new and exciting ways.

Although ChatGPT will soon be available to customers as a service on Azure, the Redmond tech giant has yet to specify a concrete release date.


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