Microsoft has confirmed that Task Manager addresses the issues in Windows 11 build 25336.


A broken Windows 11 logo indicates a bug.

Microsoft has confirmed that the Canary Channel’s latest Windows 11 preview build contains a bug related to Task Manager and System Handles. As @Xeno Panther (Twitter) discovered, in Windows 11 build 25336, Task Manager fails to terminate handles, resulting in handle accumulation far beyond any reasonable amount and resulting in severe system slowdowns. And crashes happen.

A Microsoft engineer replied. of Zeno The company has identified the cause of the issue and is working to resolve the situation in future updates, posting on the Feedback Hub:

Appreciate your patience — we’ve identified the cause and are working on a fix.

If your computer with build 25336 is suffering from Handles leaks, look for a new update this week. Hopefully Microsoft will include the necessary fix in an upcoming release. This story is another reminder that you’re better off running Windows 11 preview builds on a spare computer or virtual machine and avoiding installing Dev or Canary releases on mission-critical devices.

You can learn about what’s new in Windows 11 Build 25336 in our featured coverage.


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