Microsoft has announced a major update for Lists that promises twice the speed, UX optimizations.


Microsoft has announced a major update to its List app as it promises to deliver “double the speed, half the hassle.” Without going into details, the company says that new listings can load in half the time thanks to various optimizations done under the hood. In addition, user experience (UX) is also getting a new look. For example, the “Group By” button has received an update.

Microsoft lists the new

Lincoln DeMars, principal group product manager at Microsoft List, wrote a blog post on the Microsoft Tech Community Forum. He writes:

To kick things off, we’ll share our favorite update: We’ve supercharged lists to load in half the time in the browser, in the PWA, and within Teams. Whether you’re driving Lamborghinis or Listos, performance is the ultimate feature. So if you stop reading here, and don’t change a thing about the way you work with lists, you’re still going to enjoy a summer of lightning-fast views, shapes, and fields. But wait, there’s more! These performance updates are paired with a host of optimizations for the user experience that puts people, content, and essential actions front and center.

Apart from speed improvements and UX updates, the new listings are getting updates in other areas as well. These are given below:

The Tech Community blog post goes into great detail about each of these features. You can see the article on Microsoft. website.


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