Microsoft finally added recurring tasks and a grid view to Planner.


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Microsoft Planner is a fairly simple tool for project management and tracking of both individual and team tasks. It also integrates quite well with Microsoft Teams but there is still room for improvement. Microsoft is trying to close this gap between user demand and feature availability with the release of new features for Planner today.

A GIF showing how to set up recurring tasks in Planner.

For starters, the ability to schedule recurring tasks is finally available. Microsoft says That this feature was highly requested and that users can now easily set up custom repeating tasks. This can be done through Repeat. And Repeat as needed. Fields for a task.

It is important to note that for a recurring task only one event will be displayed and the future task will appear after the current one is marked as complete. You can also see future works from now on. Schedule Tab Additionally, if a due date is removed, a task will stop recurring. And just like Outlook invites a recurring meeting, if you delete a recurring task, you’ll be asked if you want to remove just the selected instance or all instances.

A GIF showing a grid view in Microsoft Planner.

Next, we have the grid view for the planner, which is also self-explanatory. Microsoft claims that this view will make it easier to manage existing tasks and add new ones. It is available in both plans as well. I was assigned. Tab If you have any feedback about these planner features for Microsoft, Be sure to let Microsoft know through the feedback portal here.


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