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Claim your copy worth $39.99 for free.Before the offer expires Today is January 26.

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David Ringstrom coined the phrase “Either you work at Excel, or it works at you!” After observing how many users perform tasks inefficiently.

In this book, you’ll learn how to get more done with less effort. This book will enable you to create flexible spreadsheets that are easy for others to use, while incorporating spreadsheet disaster preparedness techniques.

Ethical Hacking Python From Scratch 2799 Value eBook Time-saving techniques covered in the book include creating custom shortcuts and icons to streamline repetitive tasks, as well as automating them with features like tables and custom views. You’ll notice that conditional formatting enables you to apply colors, cell icons, and other formatting on-demand when your data changes. You will be empowered to protect spreadsheet integrity and increase usability by implementing internal controls, and will understand how to troubleshoot problems with What-If Analysis features. In addition, you’ll master new features and functions like XLOOKUP, Dynamic Array functions, LET and LAMBDA, and Power Query, while learning how to take advantage of shortcuts and nuances in Excel.

By the end of this book, you will have a broader understanding of how to avoid errors in Excel. You will be empowered to work more effectively in Excel, gaining a deeper understanding of the frustrating difficulties that can arise in Excel every day.

Free offer ends today 26th January 2023.

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Free Download: Finding the Hidden Treasures of Microsoft Excel ($39.99 Value) Ebook

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