Microsoft Edge will soon tell you if the password is not strong enough.


Microsoft Edge Chromium logo on new tab screenshots

Microsoft Edge has an excellent password manager, and the ability to sync stored data with other platforms makes it a great choice for those who store sensitive information such as passwords, payment information, and more. Need a free and secure solution to save. Soon, Edge’s built-in password will get a new feature to prevent users from using weak passwords.

As seen. Leopeva64-2, the latest Edge Canary updates now warn the user if they try to save a weak password. Additionally, the browser displays a progress bar to indicate password strength and encourage complex and difficult-to-guess passwords.

A GIF showing Microsoft Edge evaluating the strength of an entered password.

Microsoft isn’t the only one working on a better password manager. Google started cooking up a similar feature a few months ago, though its implementation is slightly different from Microsoft Edge.

The updated password manager with its strength progress bar is rolling out to a limited set of Edge Insiders in the Canary channel. As with most early features, it may take some time to arrive as Microsoft chooses users to try new features seemingly randomly in the canary channel.

Speaking of other Edge Canary news, users recently spotted an experimental flag that lets you enable Edge Split Screen and display two tabs in one browser window. According to rumours, Edge Split Screen is part of the upcoming Microsoft Edge revamp that will give the software giant’s browser a new lease of life and make it stand out from its competitors. The new productivity and security features are sure to help Microsoft Edge grow its market share, which currently stands at just above 11%.


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