Microsoft Edge will capture less than 2 percent market share in 2022.


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Statcounter has published its latest report, which reveals information about different browsers on different platforms and operating systems. The overall picture hasn’t changed — Google Chrome is number one with out-of-reach share, while Edge, Safari, and Firefox continue to battle for second place.

Note: Statcounter results are not 100% accurate, so take such reports with a reasonable size of salt. You can learn how Statcounter collects its data. In the Official Fact Sheet.

According to Statcounter, Chrome currently holds a 66.16% market share. In December 2022, Google’s browser lost just 0.02 points (down from 66.18% in November 2022), which is probably just a margin of error. Microsoft Edge is surprisingly the second most popular desktop browser with a more modest 10.99% (-0.18 points).

Safari is the only non-cross-platform browser in the report, and its macOS exclusivity makes it difficult for Apple to extend its current market share. Statcounter claims that Apple Safari currently holds 8.98% (-0.61 points). Firefox is fourth with 7.22% (+0.12 points), and Opera is fifth with 3.29% (-0.3 points).

Charts showing desktop browser market shares in December 2022

As we enter the unknown of 2023, let’s look at browser shares compared to previous years to track year-over-year growth or decline.

The overall picture hasn’t changed much for well-established players. Google Chrome has remained stable with periodic ups and downs at 65-70%, and the same applies to Apple Safari with its 9% market share. Firefox experienced a notable decline in users from around 10% in early 2020 to 7.22% currently.

Microsoft Edge shows that disrupting the desktop browser market is an extremely difficult task even for Microsoft, with 1+ billion active Windows devices capable of running Chromium-based Edge. Although Microsoft Edge continues to climb, its year-over-year growth is less than 2%. It’s difficult for users to make the jump from Chrome to Edge, which is why Microsoft sometimes resorts to un-user-friendly ways to impose Edge, using all sorts of annoying methods.

Charts showing desktop browser market shares in December 2022

You can find more details about the latest Statcounter monthly report. On the official website.


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