Microsoft Edge is getting a major feature update that includes editing and saving web images.


Edit and save Microsoft Edge photos.

Microsoft is rolling out some major feature updates to its Edge web browser soon. We’ve already reported on some of these, including placing the new Bing Image Creator in the Edge sidebar. We have also posted about essential browser features for monitoring browser security and overall performance. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

In a blog post, outlines some of the other big new features coming to Microsoft Edge. Perhaps most interestingly, Edge will soon add the ability to save and edit web images from within the browser. This can make a number of stand-alone image editor apps obsolete. Microsoft says:

Now instead of downloading, saving and editing in a separate app on your PC or macOS device, you can right-click on the desired web image and crop, light and color it without leaving your browser window. Can adjust, and add filters. From there, you can save the edited image for later use. You can also start editing by hovering over an image and selecting Edit Image from the menu. This reduces the need to toggle from app to app.

Another new feature coming to Edge is name drop. It’s being added to the Edge sidebar and is designed to give people a way to share photos, notes and other files from one device to another. Microsoft says:

Let’s say you’re at work thinking about what you’re going to make for dinner later that day and you come up with a quick recipe that your kids will enjoy. With Drop, you can copy the ingredients and recipe, and send it to yourself so you have it on your mobile for easy reference when you get to the grocery store.

Finally. Microsoft is making some improvements to the performance mode in Edge. Previously, if your Windows laptop was running out of juice, performance mode kicks in to reduce battery usage. The new improvements will include two methods. One is “Balanced Saving” which will still extend battery life while still offering full Edge usage. The second mode is “Max Savings” and will greatly reduce energy usage but at the cost of Edge performance.

There’s no word on when these new features will arrive in the stable version of Edge.


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