Microsoft Edge Dev 115.0.1880.1 brings redesigned history, in-privacy improvements, more


Taras Buria


1 Jun 2023 06:58 EDT

The Microsoft Edge logo with the DEV badge behind it.

Microsoft has released a new weekly Edge update for testing in the dev channel. Version 115.0.1880.1 It includes a number of fixes and improvements, such as a slightly redesigned History Hub with page previews, In-Private improvements on iOS, and a new option for the drop feature on Android. Here are the details.

What’s new in Microsoft Edge Dev 115.0.1880.1?

New features:

  • History now has an option to display thumbnail images.
  • iOS:
    • Added Exit in Private Mode button.
  • Android:
    • Added Save to Album option to the drop in … menu.

Reliability improvements:

  • Fixed browser crash when allowing microphone access.
  • Fixed a browser crash when clicking the Send Feedback button on the sidebar.
  • macOS:
    • Fixed browser crash when playing video in full screen.

Other changes:

  • Added shortcut Ctrl + Shift + X for web select again.
  • Fixed PDF keeps opening last page even when PDF view settings for last viewed location are disabled.
  • Some websites are not rendering correctly.
  • Fixed some websites displaying some that went into error message.
  • Fixed Initializing CoreWebView2Environment throws SystemArgumentException: Path is not valid when using assembly integration (#3428).
  • Fixed CoreWebView2WebMessageReceivedEventArgs.AdditionalObjects throwing Microsoft.CSharp.RuntimeBinder.RuntimeBinderException exception (#3474
  • Fixed sharing PDF file not working after downloading from SharePoint on iOS.
  • The VisualSearchEnabled policy is now available for all platforms.

You can download Microsoft Edge Dev. From the official Edge Insider website. If you are already using the dev channel, go to edge://settings/help to install the latest release. However, it’s worth noting that many users report hangs and crashes after updating to version 115.0.1880.1, so it’s best not to use Edge Dev or Canary as your primary browser.

Microsoft plans to release Edge 115 to all stable channel users the week of July 20, 2023. Beta channel insiders will get it next week.

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