Microsoft Edge Dev 111.0.1633.0 for Android is out with bug fixes and new features


Taras Buria


Jan 25, 2023 08:30 EST

An example showing people working on Microsoft Edge Dev 111

Those testing the preview version of Microsoft’s browser can download a new update in the dev channel. Version 111.0.1633.0 is now available for download on Android with a standard list of new features and various fixes and improvements. If you have Microsoft Edge Dev on an Android smartphone, such as the Surface Duo, you can now long-press the New Tab page to enter the Wallpaper Center. Here’s the rest The change log.

What’s new in Microsoft Edge Dev 111.0.1633.0?

New features:


  • A long press on a new tab page can now enter the Wallpaper Center.

Reliability improvements:

  • Fixed browser crash related to search sidebar.
  • Fixed a browser crash related to searching in the Mini menu.
  • Fixed a browser crash on older versions of Windows 10 when trying to use the camera.
  • Fixed a browser crash when moving a tab to a separate window.
  • Fixed a browser crash when dragging a tab out of a group tab.


  • Fixed a browser crash related to reading aloud.


  • Fixed crashing issue related to sandbox.

Other changes:

  • Fixed links from PWA so they no longer open in the workspace.
  • Fixed not adding the current page to the sidebar under certain circumstances.
  • Duplicated MSA sign-in issue resolved.
  • Fixed Cannot print on printers with names with Japanese strings.
  • Fixed Quit App on context menu for discovery and search sidebar not working.


  • Fixed default workspace for external links setting which caused external links to open in a window that was not the last active window.


  • Fixed zooming issue on PDF.
  • Fixed duplicate quick links.
  • A restore prompt was displayed when there was no crash.
  • Fixed multipage PDF showing a different page of the PDF when switching from portrait to landscape and vice versa.


  • Fixed duplicate quick links.


  • Fixed video corruption playback issue.


  • About: We disabled preconnect to detect to prevent SSL connections when opening a blank page. (#2978)
  • Fixed the open file dialog box not opening. (#3075)
  • Fixed reinstallation fails if WebView2 is running (#3137)


  • Fixed top sites data not being cleared after changing identity on iOS.

Microsoft Edge is the giant. Available for download on Windows, macOS and Linux.. Android users can get the browser. From the Google Play Store. As for iOS, you need an invitation from Microsoft to start testing Edge Dev. Unfortunately, the program is full, so new users cannot sign up.

According to Official release scheduleMicrosoft plans to ship Edge 111 to the general public on the week of March 9, 2023, after arriving in the beta channel on Saturday, February 14, 2023.

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