Microsoft displays non-skipping full-screen Microsoft 365 trial ads.


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Some people are having trouble switching to their Windows desktops because of a non-skippable ad for Microsoft 365, the Redmond tech giant’s suite of productivity and collaboration software.

A Reddit user Posted a photo of his Windows 10 computer showing a full-screen Microsoft 365 Family trial ad. During an out-of-box experiment (OOBE). “Windows 10 prevents me from booting into desktop, forces me to accept their free trial without consent and then $100 a month (obviously I canceled),” said the Redditor’s post. was but WTF Microsoft),” the Redditor’s post said.

Microsoft 365 Ads
Via u/whatsurissuebro on Reddit

The user has two options: “Try for free” and “No, thanks.” Strangely, if a user clicks “No thanks” they are redirected to a payment confirmation page where they apparently have no other option but to click “Start trial, buy later”. Will be.

Like a bleeping computer iindicates, other users have reported seeing a different type of ad that uses “next” and “no thanks” buttons. However, clicking on the latter takes them to the payment page.

Since there is no apparent way to skip the ad, all users can do is enter their card information and then cancel the subscription later through their Microsoft account. If they don’t cancel, they’ll be charged $109 a month.

As some Redditors have pointed out., it’s possible that the behavior is just a bug, given that the “Keep Windows 10 button” is working fine in the full-screen Windows 11 ad we reported yesterday. Microsoft has yet to comment on the matter.

For now, if you want to avoid viewing the presentation, you can try going through OOBE by disconnecting from the Internet.

Source: whatsurissuebro (Reddit)


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