Microsoft confirms system restore points break apps on Windows 11 22H2


A modified red Windows 11 logo indicates a known issue.

Windows System Restore is a maintenance tool that can save users a lot of time when their computer misbehaves. Restore points back up mission-critical software bits and pieces that allow the operating system to be restored to a working state without a clean install and without losing data. Unfortunately for Windows 1 1 22H2 users, an ally has turned into an enemy — Microsoft has confirmed that using system restore points on its latest OS can cause some apps to break and cause “this app can’t open” errors. The message can be

Fortunately, not all apps are affected by this issue. According to An official post On the Microsoft Support website, the bug breaks down the first and third-party applications that use the MSIX Windows app
package format (Notepad, Paint, Office, Cortana, Terminal, etc.), resulting in one or more of the following symptoms:

  • An error message “This app can’t open” appears instead of the app starting.

  • An app can have multiple entries in the Start menu.

  • An app may not respond when you try to launch the app.

  • An I/O error may occur, after which the app becomes unresponsive, and then the app crashes.

  • If you try to restart the app, the app now runs.

Microsoft says affected users should try the following to fix the broken apps:

  • Open the app again.
  • Reinstall the app from the Microsoft Store or the original source.
  • Install available Windows updates.

Users can also resort to other methods which have been mentioned. Official documents Which explains how to fix broken apps on Windows.


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