Microsoft confirms issues with Start menu and UWP apps in Windows 11 and 10


A folder on the Start menu in Windows 11 build 22579

Microsoft has revealed details about a new known issue affecting the latest versions of Windows. According to the software giant, users running Windows 10 and 11 (versions between 20H2 and 22H2) may experience problems opening the Start menu, Windows Search, and various UWP apps. The situation was first reported about a week ago, and now Microsoft has confirmed the issue.

While users often mistake Windows Updates for everything in this world, this time the problem is not related to Windows Updates. Microsoft says the perpetrator has compromised registry keys or data that affects applications that use the Microsoft Office API, such as Barco’s ClickShare.

Microsoft is investigating the situation and promises to release a fix in future updates. Meanwhile, users can mitigate the bug by uninstalling apps that integrate with Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, or Microsoft Calendar. The company also recommends running several scripts as described. In the official troubleshooting guide Or contact the app developers and ask for advice.

Speaking of other bugs, Microsoft recently confirmed that using a Windows system restore point resulted in apps no longer working on some computers.

Having trouble using UWP apps, the Start menu, or Windows Search? Share your experience in the comment section.


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