Microsoft brings ‘AI-powered voice commands’ to OneNote for Mac


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The last time Microsoft added a notable new feature to OneNote was back in October of last year. It was designed to help users take notes without distraction and was limited to Windows. The software giant recently announced another new functionality for OneNote, but this time, it’s for Mac users.

Microsoft has finally announced the ‘dictate’ capability of OneNote for Mac. ‘Dictate’ brings support for ‘AI-powered voice commands’ to help you add, format, edit and organize your text on OneNote. Simply put, you can use your voice to take notes on the OneNote Mac client. Voice commands functionality currently supports more than 50 languages, some of which include Chinese (simplified), English, Danish, French, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish and more. you see Full list of supported languages ​​here.

While many OneNote users on Mac will appreciate the Voice Commands feature, Windows users have had this feature for the past year. It also made its way to the OneNote web client on the same day. However, it has since taken more than four months to bring a similar treatment to OneNote for Mac. Noteworthy is the fact that the ‘Dictate’ for OneNote Mac app is currently available to beta channel users running version 16.68 (Build 22121100) or later.

in this Official blog post, Microsoft promised to “enhance the ‘dictate’ capability by adding new voice commands as well as some that are already available in OneNote in other Office apps.” Improvements may come in the next few months. Currently, the capabilities you can try in OneNote for Mac include saying “Delete it” or “Undo” to delete a mistake, “Pause Dictation” to break and stop dictation, and more. Is.

However, Dictation for OneNote for Mac has the following known issues:

  • Not all voice commands available in OneNote for the web or in all Word platforms are available in OneNote for Mac (such as formatting and lists). Click on help button spelling toolbar to see which commands are supported on a given platform.
  • Some supported languages ​​are considered preview languages, and may have lower precision and/or limited punctuation support. For a complete list, please check More information > Languages ​​spoken. supported In the section This help topic.

Do you use your voice to take notes on OneNote? Let us know in the comments section.


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