Microsoft announced a number of improvements to Bing’s integration with Start, SwiftKey, and Skype


Microsoft’s AI-powered BingChat has continued to gain popularity as Google’s alternative, Bard, has struggled to gain traction. As the chatbot is gaining popularity overall, Microsoft is adding new features to it. Today, the company is Many hikes were announced For integration with many Bing services.

The Bing logo at the top with hearts on either side and the SwiftKey Start and Skype logos at the bottom

A recent SwiftKey beta release already introduced Bing’s AI-powered capabilities to some users, but now, Microsoft is making them available to everyone. Starting today, you’ll see a Bing icon at the top of the SwiftKey keyboard. When you click on it, you will be able to choose from three options namely Chat, Tone and Search. Chat functionality behaves like the Bing chat many people are already familiar with, Tone can help you tailor your text to your audience, and search is just regular old Bing search.

Another improvement in Today Two is the current integration with Skype. Basically, anyone in a group chat can interact with BingChat within the provided context provided that at least one person accessing the service has requested it in the conversation. A member in a group chat does not need to be a preview member to speak with Bing in a specific context.

Finally, there are some minor additions. The first includes the ability to access the new Bing from the Microsoft Start app provided you’ve cleared the waiting list. Meanwhile, the second is an upgrade to the translation function in the Bing mobile app so that it can provide alternate masculine and feminine translations when translating from English to Spanish, French or Italian.

Bing Chat

Microsoft’s Bing now has 100 million users and more than 100 million Bing chats, and it’s clear the company is on a mission to make Bing — and by extension, its AI services — accessible everywhere.


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