Microsoft adds the Accessibility Ribbon for Excel and PowerPoint to Outlook for Windows.


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Accessibility has been a theme since Windows 11 was first announced. This has extended to many of the company’s Office apps. This week, Microsoft announced that Outlook for Windows will be getting an Accessibility Ribbon.

The new feature is similar to the features included in the Excel and PowerPoint editions of Windows. Microsoft said in a blog post.:

The Accessibility Ribbon brings together all the tools you need to make your message accessible in one place. It is contextual and appears next to the Accessibility Checker pane.

Accessibility ribbon for Outlook

Users can bring up a new ribbon when they start composing an email by clicking Message option at the top, and then click Check access. Icon An alternative method is to search for “access” in Outlook’s search bar. Then you can choose. Accessibility checker Under Best Action Selection. Finally, if you’re writing an email labeled “high importance” and the body of the email has a color contrast problem, it will show. Check for accessibility issues. Link in mail tip.

The Outlook Accessibility Ribbon is now available in the beta channel for members of the Office Insider program with version 2304 (Build 16321.20000) or higher. There’s no word yet on a general availability date for this feature in Outlook.


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