Microsoft adds email profiles to Outlook for Mac users.


Outlook for Mac profiles

Microsoft continues to update its Outlook email client for Mac users. In March, it finally allowed Mac PC owners to download and use Outlook for free without paying for a Microsoft 365 subscription. Today, it announced another long-awaited feature for the email app.

As stated In an official Microsoft blog post, Outlook for Mac now has support for different email profiles. This means you can set up one for business use, another for personal emails, or as many profiles as you need.

If you switch to one email profile, Mac users won’t be bothered by any notifications from their other profiles on Outlook. You can either switch by clicking on the profile you want to use or access it on the keyboard with the Control and Tab keys. Obviously, you must have at least two separate email accounts for profiles to work.

Microsoft has added some other email profile benefits:

  • Theme your work profile to a different color than your personal profile.
  • Switch between different Outlooks to help with work-life balance. For example, you can visit your personal profile every weekday after 6pm and return to work at 8am the next day.
  • Set up as many profiles as you need to best manage your time and your inbox.
  • Define a different look of the Outlook window for different profiles.
  • Connect your email accounts with Apple’s focus filters in Outlook for Mac.

The new feature is rolling out to Insiders running version 16.70 (Build 23021201) or later.


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