Microsoft 365 users are now unable to send/receive Outlook emails as OneDrive fills up quickly.


Microsoft recently made a significant change to its cloud storage quota, which is causing problems for many users to receive emails. As of the change, which began on February 1, OneDrive’s 5GB Microsoft storage quota now includes email attachments and inline images. Previously, it was part of 15GB of email storage.

5 GB of Microsoft storage and 15 GB of email storage

Microsoft warned that the update could reduce users’ OneDrive storage space and ability to send and/or receive emails, as it would fill up quickly. On a support document announcing the change, the company described:

Changes to cloud storage

From February 1, 2023, cloud storage used by Microsoft 365 apps and services will include data from attachments and OneDrive data. All data will continue to be protected with Microsoft’s comprehensive set of security features.

This update may reduce the cloud storage available for use with your OneDrive. If you reach your cloud storage quota, your ability to send and receive emails in will be interrupted.

As the update begins to roll out to more users, and as Microsoft correctly predicted, online forums are flooded with user complaints about the issue where victims say they have Unable to send and receive mails because their 5GB OneDrive quota is full. . Started by one of these threads. James Romanenko, and it has been upvoted by 73 other users who say they are facing the same issue. Another similar thread by Muhammad Fikri Kamil Azhari Voted by 11 users.

The 5GB Microsoft storage quota is completely filled with Outlook email attachments.

Another example is from the image above JULIAN PENA-PAI Where their 5GB of Microsoft storage is completely filled with attachments.

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