Meta: Our moderation of content on Facebook and Instagram is not biased in favor of Russia. - Gamer Bee

Meta: Our moderation of content on Facebook and Instagram is not biased in favor of Russia.


As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, many companies have generally taken a hard line in favor of Ukraine. Notable names include Microsoft, Dell, Logitech, Ericsson and more. On the other hand, many are accusing Meta of allowing pro-Russian propaganda on its platform by censoring views of Ukraine. Today, Meta released a statement denying these claims.

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Metta has emphasized. That it has diverse dedicated teams that monitor multi-regional content on its social media platforms as per the guidelines defined for Facebook and Instagram. It includes local people to better contextualize the content being posted. Meta claims that Ukrainian content requiring “language and cultural expertise” is handled entirely by Ukrainian reviewers, not Russian. This alone should be sufficient to counter claims of bias against Ukraine.

Even beyond that, META says its content guidelines are standardized to the extent that reviewers must reach the same decision about a particular piece of content, regardless of its content. That is his country of origin.

When it comes to the reviewers themselves, Matta says personnel go through a rigorous onboarding process and multiple retrainings to ensure they meet the company’s content moderation standards. Weekly audits are also conducted through random samples of content and have consistently shown a “consistently high level of accuracy” across multiple languages.

That said, Meta notes that the system is clearly not perfect, just like humans and technology. As such, inappropriate content can sometimes slip through the cracks, but that’s why there are separate teams to correct errors and social media makes it easy for users to appeal certain decisions. Meta has emphasized that claims of bias in its content moderation process are simply false and a way of undermining trust in the platform at a time of war.


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