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MCU style dialogue works in games like Hi-Fi Rush, not Oblivion


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  • The quippy dialogue seen in Marvel movies doesn’t work in video games like Forspoken.
  • Joss Whedon’s writing style just doesn’t fit serious titles like RPGs.
  • Such awkward dialogue is intended for fun games that don’t take themselves too seriously.
  • Cartoony games like Hi-Fi Rush should enforce such writing, not realistic RPGs.

Like any other form of media, dialogue writing is a big part of most video games. As the quality of video games has improved, it has become necessary to have well-rounded characters with good dialogue. Even in genres that don’t require much dialogue, such as platformers, voice acting still plays a huge role.

The first game to feature human dialogue and voice acting varies from source to source. Some say it was. Dragon’s Lair by Disney 1983 which featured human voices for the first time. however, Space Spartans 1982 also had voices, but they were through a voice synthesizer in the IntelliVoice console.

Nowadays, voice acting and dialogues are at the same level, if not better than what we see in movies. Games like God of War and The Last of You Part 2 are great examples of how good voice acting is in video games. Long gone are the days of cringe-worthy dialogue with robot-sounding human voices.

Even games made by small and independent studios have very high quality voice acting. Hence, good voice acting and great writing have become a uniform standard in the gaming industry. While there are still some ethical issues we need to root out, like the Bayonetta 3 scandal, the voice acting is pretty good overall.

But, we need to discuss a recent issue with video game dialog. Not only video games, but every major form of media, such as movies and TV shows, are using this dialogue style.

We’re talking about the infamous”Well, it just happened” style of dialogue, originating from The Marvel Cinematic Universe and Joss Whedon.

What is Quippy Whedon/MCU style dialogue?

Whedon introduced many feminists and changed the world of television with his show, Buffy the Vampire SlayerThen came video games. When he made the first two Avengers films, he took his ideas internationally. If you know anything about movies, which you probably do, the rest is history.

Buffy Video Game Forspoken
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a Joss Whedon creation, even got several video games.

The Avengers It became one of the highest grossing films of all time. $1.6 billion Meanwhile at the box office, Buffy became a classic TV show that is still popular with a large fan base that inspired many projects. Given all that success, it’s not hard to understand how others were influenced by Whedon’s dialogue style.

His style is not bad either. It’s just artificial dialogue meant to be funny. Most of the time, they’re just one-liners that are supposed to be witty and witty. It’s now seen almost every major franchise like Transformers and Star Wars, and he’s written some stuff we all love, e.g. Toy Story.

All “Are they flying now? They fly now.“The kind of dialogue we see in movies is a result of Joss Whedon’s influence on Hollywood. Where a character artificially says something obvious for comic relief. It’s so pervasive that people have even created memes. Consider how other films would work with Whedon’s dialogue.

Due to the success and influence of the MCU and Whedon himself, many writers have adopted this style. Hence, it has become very common and universal, especially in blockbuster movies. And a universal fact we all know is that excess of everything is bad.

Although everyone hates Joss Whedon now. Allegations of abuse, his Marvel writing style is still relevant in the media. We all know how different forms of media greatly influence each other. Likewise, a lot of video games these days have a lot of MCU-style dialogue, which in my opinion, is terrible in some respects.

Why do video games like Forspoken need to stop using dialogue like this?

Many video games have been using this type of dialogue for some time. It’s easy to see the Whedon/Marvel influence in many games like Gotham Knights. But the latest example of this is of theSpeechwhich came out this January.

The game’s reception has been lukewarm at best. People loved the gameplay and appreciated the action sequences. However, the aspect that polarizes fans and critics alike is the world-building in Forspoken, of which dialogue is a major part.

Another bad thing about Forspoken that we’ll focus on is. Dialogue. Many fans noticed how the game’s dialogue is also written in the artificial one-liner style of the MCU and Joss Whedon. You can see it for yourself in the clip from its trailer below:

As you can see in Answers, fans are sick of this kind of dialogue in serious video games. Many games like Forspoken have been using this type of dialogue lately, and it’s getting tiresome at the moment. One answer is to call it “Disney Channel Original Game,And that’s exactly how we feel.

The main character of Free Holland Dialogue is not easy to bear in forecasting. Not only are the lines jarring and formulaic, they also make you lose interest in an otherwise great game.

In my opinion, video games like Forspoken need to stay as far away from the MCU style of dialogue writing as possible. Not because it is. Unfunny, unnatural and scary, it’s just so overused. You can tolerate it in movies and shows, but in RPG games with a serious tone, it’s just not okay.

The game’s dialogue was so similar to Whedon’s popular style that people started blaming him. Refer to tweets.. He also hit the trending page after the teaser trailer for For Spoken came out, and people made fun of his writing. So, many players feel this way about such sensational dialogue.

Hearing things like “It was amazingly amazing.No one has an ideal RPG experience while killing some enemies. Some might say this isn’t something that’s outrageous, but it still feels out of place in a game like Forspoken. This works for some games, and we’ll talk about one of them below.

Unlike Forspoken, titles like Hi-Fi Rush can use the Quippy writing style.

Just a few days ago, Bethesda Surprise dropped rhythm action game Hi-Fi Rush. Since its release, the game has taken the gaming world by storm. It has received universal acclaim from critics and fans alike, early on Game of the Year competitor.

A fan Noticed on Twitter how the dialogue in Hi-Fi Rush is similar to Forspoken. However, one is the star of the gaming world while the other is being described as a disappointment. You can check out the clip for yourself below.

gave Answers The reply to the tweet said that the dialogue actually fits the theme. And we couldn’t agree more. The quippy cartoonish dialogue fits into Hi-Fi Rush because it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

It is supposed to be a fun action game where you kill your bosses. Guitar. So, the sometimes cringe dialogue doesn’t feel forced or awkward here. The visual style of Hi-Fi Rush literally resembles a cartoon, so of course the childish jokes fit the surroundings.

As we can see in the clip, A rhythm breaker The same MCU/Whedon writing style is Forspoken. The poster of the tweet also emphasized the same point. But in the amusing atmosphere of Hi-Fi Rush the artificial jokes don’t bother us, and we feel right at home.

On the other hand, Forspoken markets itself as a serious RPG with realistic visuals and people. Therefore, such comic writing does not suit the tone she wants to set. Making the conversation annoying and tedious.

Therefore, the MCU writing style goes with games like Hi-Fi Rush as they are based on a. Cartoony Premise Other games, such as Forspoken, should not attempt to implement this. In short, hearing weird dialogue from an animated protagonist like a Disney character is much better than hearing it from a protagonist in a fantasy RPG.

take away

Joss Whedon’s widely acclaimed dialogue style can work for a fun game like Hi-Fi Rush. But when you’re playing a serious RPG. More than 20 hours, it just gets painful. This probably isn’t a huge deal breaker for anyone, but video games would be more playable without this cringe dialogue.

This Marvel-style writing works well in one. light weight Action game but not for lifetime RPGs like Forspoken. A big reason for this is that real people just don’t talk like MCU characters (cue, they’re dragons). Video games shouldn’t have dialogue that almost renders you speechless.

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