Macrium Reflect gets a performance boost, fixes the BitLocker bug, BSOD, but it’s no longer free.


Macrame Reflections 8

Earlier this month, Macrium Reflect Free Edition received an update, though interestingly there was no official release notes or changelog for it. So when we published the news, we wondered, what are the new features or improvements and fixes? Turns out there are release notes. Not even now. This may also be the last Macrim Reflect Free Edition update as Paramount Software, which publishes the tool, has already announced that version 8.0 was the last of its kind. So when one chooses “Reflect 8 Free” for Home PC. Official website, it is version 8.0.7279 that gets downloaded. So for now, it remains to be seen if the developers make a future free edition of 8.0 after that as the firm has now moved to version 8.1 and it is not free.

Latest version 8.1 update Construction 7336 Fixes several bugs and issues. Fixed bitlocker related memory allocation issue. It also fixes the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) issue and more. Full The change log given below:

Bug fixes and improvements v8.1.7280 – 10 January 2023 / v8.1.7336 – 30 January 2023

Note: Release v8.1.7280 was available for a short time. These release notes cover both v8.1.7280 and v8.1.7336.

  • Macrium Reflect v8.1 is here.
    We are pleased to announce the public release of Macrium Reflect v8.1.
  • Modified block tracker
    This release fixes an issue with the previous release, v8.1.7280, that caused BSoD for some users.
  • Imaging
    When reading some bitlocker volumes, Reflect may attempt to allocate an erroneously large block of memory. This is resolved.
  • System Restore
    The system restore step from Windows sometimes fails to restart automatically after the restore is complete in the rescue environment. This is resolved.
  • Macrame Image Guardian
    During data deduplication operations on a Windows server, the File Server Data Management Host (FSDMHOST.EXE) process will be prevented from opening reflect image files. This is resolved.
  • General
    Write speed in disk write performance tool showed lower than actual values. This is resolved.
  • Rescue Media
    We have updated the Windows PE 10 download to version 2004.
  • viBoot

    • We’ve added VirtualBox 7.0 support to ViBoot.
    • VirtualBox VMs are sometimes not displayed in the viBoot GUI. This is resolved.

You can download Macrium Reflect v8.1.7336 from Official website Using the “Reflect 8 Trial” option that offers a 30-day free trial. After that, it will be done Costs A single user $69.95 while opting for the four user pack will set you back $139.95.

On a separate page, Paramount Software has highlighted the improvements made in version 8.1. This includes increased performance due to better CPU thread utilization, background backups and more. You can read about it in detail. Here.


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