Lost Ark: Forge Of Fallen Pride Raid Guide


Forge of the Fallen Pride in Lost Ark is one of the Abyssal Dungeons in the main Yorn storyline. It is the final Ark of Arrogance Abyssal Dungeon in Lost Ark. The players can complete the dungeon in order to access the Tier 2 rewards, including different accessories, engravings, ability stones, gear, card packs, and more. While the dungeon is not that hard to complete, it is still important to know the basic mechanisms before entering the dungeon. 

Key Highlights  🎮

  • Forge of Fallen Pride is an Abyssal Dungeon in Lost Ark. 
  •  The dungeon has two main bosses for the players to defeat called Amaus and Kaishur. 
  •  The players should look out for attacks like explosive circles and wyvern attacks from Amaus. 
  •  The wipe attack and counterattack shield used by Kaishur sure can be pretty damaging to players. 
  •  The players can use different items like panaceas, taunting scarecrows, HP potions, and optimal builds to get through the dungeon easily. 

Forge Of Fallen Pride 

The climactic dungeon is one of the very few dungeons in the Lost Ark that will be available to players as they reach Tier 2. The forge of fallen pride is the second Abyssal Dungeon in the Ark Of Arrogance dungeon in Lost Ark. The first dungeon that the players will have to complete is the Road Of Lament.

Fortunately for players, it is easier as compared to Road Of Lament. The mechanics of the dungeon are not that hard to master, and the players will find it more convenient to complete as compared to the Abyss Dungeon Phantom Palace, which you will have to complete before it. The base level of the dungeon falls in the main campaign of the game.

Forge Of Fallen Pride Raid in Lost Ark
Forge Of Fallen Pride Raid | Screenshot By eXputer

Many players find Forge Of Fallen Pride the easiest when it comes to farming gold in Lost Ark . However, even with easy mechanics, it is important to note the basics of the dungeon as well as the two bosses that you will be fighting to make things a little less complex for you. The dungeon will have two bosses that you will have to fight in order to complete it. These bosses are Amau and Kaishur. 

How To Unlock The Dungeon 

Compared to most of the dungeons in Lost Ark, Forge Of Fallen Pride is fairly easy to complete. However, it does have some requirements that you will need in order to access it. Just like Road of Lament, which will require some conditions to be fulfilled in order to be unlocked, Forge Of Fallen Pride has the following requirements. 

Level 50 is necessary in order to access the dungeon. Most players will already be level 50 or higher by the time they will reach this part in a storyline where they can access the abyssal dungeon. So you won’t have to go out of your way to access Forge Of Fallen Pride. 

The next requirement is to complete the Yorn main story quest line. You won’t be able to unlock the dungeon unless you complete the main campaign and complete the quest called Stop Velcruze. 

There is also an item-level requirement for the dungeon. The players will need to be at an item level of 840 or higher in order to unlock the dungeon for farming. The players will need to focus specifically on increasing their item level in the game. This is because, in the Yorn storyline, the chaos dungeons will only provide you with gear that has an item level of 802. 

The last requirement is to complete the Road Of Lament Abyssal Dungeon, which is the first dungeon in the Ark of arrogance. 

The best part about the abyssal dungeon is that it will reward the players with Tier 2 rewards. These rewards include different kinds of gear, accessories, engravings, metallurgy books, ability stones, and card packs. The Tier 2 tailoring and metallurgy books you will get can be very beneficial later on in the game.

However, if there are players looking to complete the dungeon with an item level of 1325 or higher, then the rewards won’t do you any good. This is because you will already have tier-three items. But the card packs are definitely worth having. 

Basic Dungeon Mechanics 

Before we move on to the boss fights in detail, it is important to note some mechanics for the dungeon. 

There are some aspects you will want to know that will make it easier for you to complete the dungeon. The Forge Of Fallen Pride Dungeon will have four sections. First, you will have to go through a mob and clear them, and after that, you will fight Amaus. 

After that, you will have to fight two elite elementals. The fight will be quite long and will take a considerable amount of time. Your final fight will be against Kaishur, the second boss of the dungeon. 

The first boss will not require a lot of effort, and his attacks are not that damaging as well. The trick is to get away from him as soon as players see a red circle around them. Because that is when the circle will explode, the boss will also summon some Wyverns, which should be defeated first before going back to the main boss.

How to clear Forge Of Fallen Pride Raid in Lost Ark
Consumables | Screenshot By eXputer

On the other hand, we have Kaishur, which is even easier to beat as compared to the first boss. However, there are some attacks from the boss that can be quite tricky.

For instance, he will summon a clone after a warning prompt appears on your screen. He will also send some shockwaves in the player’s direction. The clone should be defeated first before moving on to the main boss.

If the players manage to kill the clone and stand in the place where they killed it, they will be immune to the wipe attack. After that, he will also have a counterattack to look out for as well as a Stagger Check Attack. Whenever they sure have a bright red shield circling him, stop attacking him. That is all you need to know for the basics of the two boss fights. 

All Bosses

Below you will see the bosses of the dungeon in detail. We will also explain their moveset and attacks so you can counter them easily.

Defeating Ugo’s Minions 

Before we go into the fight, it is important to note that items like taunting scarecrows and panaceas might be a great help when clearing the dungeon. Before you can fight any of the bosses, you will first have to go through a mob. This mob is called Ugo’s minions.

The mechanic is pretty similar to the first abyss dungeon that you will have to complete, called the road of lament. This is basically a warm-up for the major boss fight. After defeating the minions, you will be able to fight the main boss called, Amaus. 

If you are playing the forge of fallen pride in challenge mode, then you will need an item level of 960 and a character level of 50 to enter. The challenge mode will always be on a rotation, and thanks to the scale of harmony, your item level will be adjusted accordingly. 

Fighting Amaus The Steel Floor 

Amaus it’s probably the easiest boss to defeat in the Ark Of Arrogance dungeon. He is also the first major boss that he will fight when completing Forge Of Fallen Pride. You won’t need to do much aside from dodging his attacks and dealing damage to him whenever you can. The only things that you have actually to pay attention to are the wyverns he will summon and the explosive auras attack. However, even they are pretty easy to deal with. 

Explosive Auras Or The Curse Attack 

One of the most damaging attacks that he should look out for is the Explosive auras or the curse attack. The attack will occur at random points in the battle, and there is no set time for it. Whenever he attacks, some red circles will appear around the player. Furthermore, some red orbs will also hover over their head, indicating that he is charging his attack toward the players.

Amaus | Screenshot By eXputer

When three red orbs appear over the player, the circle around them will explode. But there is a trick to it. The player who was actually in the red aura will have no damage, but the players around them will be dealt with a significant amount of damage.

Therefore if any of your party members have a red circle around them during the battle, it is best to run across the opposite side of the battle arena and away from it until it explodes. Try to stay away from the boss during this time. 

Usually, it will take around 3 seconds for the circle to detonate. Multiple players can also get cursed by Amaus. The best strategy, in this case, will be for all the cursed players to move to one side of the arena until it detonates. The cursed players cannot damage other cursed players. 

The Wyvern summon 

The next attack that the players should keep an eye out for is the Wyvern summon. Thankfully, this attack is actually predictable and will occur only twice during the fight. The first time when Amaus will summon the wyverns is when the health bar of the boss Is down to 8. He will summon two wyverns each time. Therefore, you will have to fight four wyverns in total. 

You will have to defeat the wyverns first before moving on to the boss. The wyverns themselves have a set of moves different from the boss. Their main attack will cause a burn debuff. 

The second time he summoned the wyverns was when the HP was down to four. The reason why the players should defeat the wyverns first is that they grant several buffs to Amaus.

These buffs will increase the enemy’s defense as well as mobility. His attack speed and movement speed will increase significantly, which will make him harder to take out. But he will only get these buffs if you leave wyverns alive for too long and focus on a mouse instead. Therefore, it is recommended that the players take down the wyverns first before moving on to a mouse again. 

Regular Attack

Following are some regular attacks used by Amaus in the battle. It’s possible that you might not be able to see all of these attacks in a single battle because he is pretty easy to kill and won’t be able to use all of his attacks that quickly in a single battle. Nevertheless, below are all the attacks used by Amaus. 

Sword Stab Combo 

The boss will use his sword to attack the players as well. When performing the attack, he will pick any random player in your party and stab him with his sword three times in a row. However, there will be a small interval in each step. The stabs won’t do much damage; however, the final stab has the greatest damage, so keep an eye out for it.  

Spinning Blades 

Another infamous attack of the boss is the spinning blades, where he will summon two more swords that look essentially like his main sword and send them forward toward the players.

These players will hover for a long time before flying back. They will also circle the boss, so any Player trying to attack him from the back will get hit by the blades as well. They will also inflict the burn status effect on the players. 

Leaping Slam 

In the leaping slam attack, the boss will launch straight off the screen and come back down after a second or so. He will slam into the ground, and any players in the surrounding will get damaged. 

Falling Swords 

During the attack, Amaus will release some red waves, after which blades will start falling onto the enemies. 

Imprison Chain 

During the attack, the boss will throw a chain at the player closest to him. This will bind the player, and in order to be released, the party members should auto-attack the boss. 

Fighting The Demon Guardians 

As soon as the players are done fighting amaus, they will move towards the next level by taking an elevator ride. This elevator ride will give the players a chance to take a breather and prepare for the next battle with the second boss of the dungeon.

The elevator will take the players to an area surrounded by lava. Here the players will have to clear out any mobs in the region to move further. This is also the area where the players will have to fight against some enemies called Ancient Guardian Constructs. The fight is pretty easy and won’t require a lot of time. After fighting the Ancient Guardian Constructs, players will be able to move ahead and fight Kaishur. 

Fighting Kaishur Of The Ancient Furnace 

The 4th and last section of the Ark Of Arrogance Abyssal Dungeon will require the players to fight Kaishur. Fighting Kaishur is actually pretty easy compared to the other boss fights before him. Lore-wise, kaishur should have been much harder to fight with.

Fighting bosses in Forge Of Fallen Pride Raid in Lost Ark
Kaishur | Screenshot By eXputer

However, players will be able to take him down pretty easily, especially if they are aware of his attacks and basic move set. But just because he is easier than the bosses you have fought so far, he should not by any means be underestimated. This is because his most powerful attack can wipe out your entire team if not countered. 

Phantom Wipe Attack 

This is the deadliest attack of the boss that can take down the whole party in one shot if not countered properly. This wipe attack will occur twice during the battle. The first attack will happen when Kaiser is down to the 16th HP bar, and the second attack will happen at the 8th health bar.

During the attack, Kaishur will make their way to the middle of the battle arena and start channeling the wipe attack. During this, he will hold up an orb which could be either red or white. The players need to pay attention as he will also summon two clones or phantoms, one red and one white. Now the players must kill the clone with the same color as the orb he is holding.

The boss will also release some shock waves, either red or white, indicating the clone that the players should attack. Time is also a crucial factor here. The players will need to kill the correct phantom as quickly as possible in order to avoid being wiped.

As soon as you kill the correct clone, there will be a safe zone in the same area it falls down where the players need to stand in order to avoid the wipe attack of Kaishur.

The players might get confused between the colors of the clones, so it is always important to note the color of their wings as they will be more vibrant. The relevant phantom should also be pinged by a team member so that other players will avoid attacking the other clone. Most of the attacks of The Phantoms are stun based, so make sure to avoid them. In case any of the team members fail to make it to the safe zone, they will be killed immediately. 


The second attack that the players should look out for is the counterattack shield used by Kaishur. This won’t necessarily wipe your team but can be fatal if not countered properly. Thankfully this attack has been reported to be used usually only once in a battle.

During the defensive attack, the boss will summon a red shield that will surround him. As soon as this shield appears, the players need to stop attacking the boss. Otherwise, he will unleash an attack that will deal a great amount of damage to everyone in the arena. In case any of your team members are not at full HP, they will be killed immediately. So players should wait until the shield disappears before attacking the boss again.

Defeating the boss
Defeating the boss | Screenshot By eXputer

Stagger Check 

Just like some of the other bosses in Abyssal Dungeons, Kaishur also has a stagger check attack which can be highly damaging if not countered. Fortunately, it won’t wipe your whole team like the other stagger check attacks, but it can be fatal to any party members with low HP. This stagger check can occur at any point during the battle. So players should keep an eye out for it all the time. 

Other Attacks 

There are many other attacks of Kaishur as well; however, whether or not you will see all of them depends on the duration of the fight. 

Following are the regular attacks of the boss.  

Summon Lightning 

During the attack, Kaishur will summon lightning strikes that will deal damage to anyone standing in their way. The attack will have two variations; however, the most common one is where the boss will summon five lightning strikes to deal damage to the players. In the second variation, the lightning strikes will appear randomly with small intervals throughout the arena. 

Energy Waves Attack I 

During the attack, the boss will release some energy waves from his sword. The attack will be towards any random player, and sometimes it can be more than one player. The attack will deal a decent amount of damage to the target and should be avoided. 

Energy Waves Attack II

In this attack, Kaishur will summon two clones in the battle who will release energy waves that will damage any random player in the arena. Once again, the clones can attack more than one player and deal significantly more damage as compared to the Energy Waves Attack I. 

Jump Attack 

During the attack, Kaishur will jump in a backward direction in order to dodge incoming attacks. If he has summoned a clone, then the clone will send energy waves that will deal damage to anyone standing near the boss when he jumps back. 

Stinger Attack 

During the attack, Kaishur will put a bar on the ground that will fill with time. As soon as it is filled, he will charge in the forward direction and deal damage to anyone in his path. Players have also reported that during the Stinger attack, he will release swords toward the players that will wave in a fan-like pattern and attack the players. 

Sword Attack 

During the attack, the boss will send out several swords that will circle around him for a period of time. After some time, he will pull them back and send them all at once toward a player. 

Clone Attack 

During the attack, kaishur will summon Two Clones, who will release linear strikes toward players quickly. These attacks can be quite hard to dodge, so keep an eye out for them.

Completing Forge Of Fallen Pride Raid in Lost Ark
Clearing the Dungeon | Screenshot By eXputer

Best Builds And Consumables For The Battle 

As we mentioned before, you won’t require a lot of consumables to get you through the dungeon. However, if you still want to be prepared, you can consider the following options. 

  • Grenades like the whirlwind grenades are very helpful, especially against the second boss of the dungeon. 
  • Players can make use of HP potions as well, as they are needed against the second boss and its wipe attack. 
  • Panaceas can counter the burn status effect and protect the players. 
  • Players can make use of any builds; however, the Artillerist should be careful, especially when Kaishur is using his shield attack, as the artillerist attacks are delayed. 
  • Taunting scarecrows are great for both Bosses to create a distraction when fighting with the wyverns and phantoms. 

Wrapping It Up 

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on the Forge Of Fallen Pride Abyssal Dungeon in Lost Ark. Don’t forget to check out our guide on protection runes that you can use in the dungeon as well as the market online to get all the necessary equipment for the battles.

Don’t forget to check out our detailed guides on treasure maps and mounts as well. We have also formulated a detailed guide on all skins in Lost Ark so that you can fight in style. Before leaving our beach, make sure to check out our guides on emotes and the best gold farming methods in the game. 


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