Live captions in Microsoft Teams meetings now include settings to control profanity.


John Callham


Apr 11, 2023 14:42 EDT

The Microsoft Teams logo is in full color on a dark background.

In February, Microsoft revealed a new feature coming soon to its Teams online meeting service to control the use of profanity in the live caption feature. Today, this new feature is being rolled out in the Thames Public Preview Channel.

Microsoft’s blog explains.:

With a newly introduced toggle to turn profanity filtering on or off in Live Captions in Teams Meetings, you’re now able to control whether you want to continue to take advantage of the profanity filtering capabilities provided out of the box. , or if you prefer to see every word. As they were spoken.

Microsoft Teams Privacy Filter

Here’s how to access the new offensive toggle in Teams:

  • go to Settings and more option and click on it.
  • Then click on Setting choice.
  • Then click on Captions and transcripts option in the Settings menu.
  • You should see. Filter profanity in meeting captions. Toggle You can click this to turn it on to filter out these types of words in live captions, or turn it off to keep those words in the captions.

This feature is being enabled first for Windows and macOS Teams users. There’s no word on when or if this will be enabled for Teams’ other platforms.

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