Little Alchemy 2: How to Make Primal Soup [2023]


Little Alchemy 2 Takes its experimental design and gives players countless opportunities to mix and match different elements to achieve their desired results. Primal soup is one of the most important ingredients needed to create life, and players may need help figuring it out. How to make Little Alchemy 2 Primary Soup!

Key highlights

  • Primary soup There is one element that will be the key ingredient needed to create. Life In Little Alchemy 2.
  • There is Six different ways With which players can attempt to create a primary soup, most of which will require players to combine various elements.
  • Two ways One involves the use of sea and land, and the other will require a combination of land and sea.
  • Two methods will be required. Use of lavaIncluding lava and ocean as well as lava and ocean!
  • gave Important benefit Among such variety of combinations is that players will have ultimate freedom as to which method to choose.

Land and sea

The first method
Method 1 (Image credit extractor)

one of the First methods The primary soup that players will be able to make will include two main ingredients The land as well as the sea.

  • When it comes to Making landPlayers cannot craft it because it is considered a basic element, and players will only be able to find it upon entering the game, and will need it to craft other items.

There are many ways to create an ocean.

  • One of the first methods would be by combining large, which can be made using Galaxy clusters and philosophyor it can be achieved in combination. Philosophy and Planetsor a combination Philosophy and the Sun, Or even a combination of philosophy and cosmology.
  • Once grown, players will want to build one. Lakeand a lake can be obtained by mixing. Great and a pool, or even combined to form one small And then mixing it with the sea.

Land and sea

Another method
Second method (Image credit extractor)

Now, when it comes to Another methodplayers will be able to take the collection of land as well. the seaand to create an ocean, there are several options that players can go for:

  • First, create Great Using previous methods, such as combining philosophy and planets, or even philosophy and cosmos or any of the other methods mentioned.
  • After that, players want to create. the seaWhich can also be achieved if they take the lake they have created which can be combined. Sea and smallor even by taking the pool and the water, or mixing the pool twice.
  • Once this is done, players can go ahead and connect. the sea And use it twice, which will make them one. the sea.

Another way to create an ocean would be:

  • Water will be considered as the main element of the game. However, players can collect. Heat and snow or Heat and snowwhich will melt it and make it water.
  • Making a the seaand then go ahead and combine water and ocean to form an ocean.
  • Then, players can collect. Land and sea To get the initial soup.

Ocean and planet

The third method
Third Method (Image Credit Exploder)

Let’s take a look at the third way to know. How to make Little Alchemy 2 Primary Soupwhich will be combined. Oceans and Planets. If players want to know how to create an ocean, they can try the techniques given below.

  • In addition to the previous methods we mentioned that involve using the ocean twice, as well as ocean and water, players can also use Container and wave Together

To making waves, There will be four different modes that players can try out to see which one fits them best:

  • together Moon, By combining cheese and sky, night and planet, or even planet and stone, or sky and stone, or something else, and then combining it with the sea which was made earlier.
  • Another method must be used. the sea And combine it with time, which cannot be created because it is one of the basic elements found, and will be consumed instead of creating objects.
  • Another method combination has to be used Moonsky and time, sky and stone, night and stone, night and planet were further combined, and combined with the sea.
  • The last method would be combination. the seacreated by combining lakes twice, the larger and the lake, or the sea and the smaller, and then combining it with the base element. Time

Once this is done, players may want to move on and create a container., Which will happen Philosophy As a basic ingredient and can be made by:

  • to combine Chicken and eggs (Intelligent) or combining man and an idea.
  • Containers can be combined. The bottle and philosophyor house and philosophy, philosophy and safe, philosophy and pottery, or anything in between.

Mix the container and the tide together, and you’ve got yourself a sea, which can be mixed together. The planet And then the initial soup can be obtained.

Lava and the ocean

The fourth method
4th Method (Image credit extractor)

As for the next method that payers could try, it would be through consolidation. Lava and the oceanand to create an ocean, players can use the method of putting water together, which is an element-based element, and then mix it together. Lakewhich can be created in the following ways:

  • Players can use the ocean that can be created and then interact with it. smalland will be the main component behind miniaturization. Philosophy. We’ve already talked about how players can philosophize.
  • To make it small, players can go ahead and combine philosophy with an ant, or even go ahead and combine both bee and philosophy. Anything is considered small, and you use metaphors to make it small, such as confetti, oxygen, a drain, a scorpion, or even using Ozonea pebble, carbon dioxide, a spider, or even a seahorse.
  • Mix the lake with water to get to the sea.

Now, as for making lavathere will be some methods that players can try to find out. How to make Little Alchemy 2 Primary Soup:

  • One of the basic methods is mixing earth, which is a basic element that cannot be formed by itself, and then mixing it with earth. liquid. There will be three main modes that players can create. liquid.
  • Can be used to make a liquid. An idea and water And generating ideas can be quite simple.

Using a Engineer and a light bulb, or even using lightbulbs and science as well as taking science and philosophy, players will get an idea. Also taking any two professions will give you an idea, like two chemists, two astronautscyclistsTaking engineers, farmers, gardeners, or divers, or even two doctors together, will give players an idea.

  • Once players combine land and liquid to form lava, they can mix it with the ocean, allowing them to Starter soup.

The ocean and the planet

Primary soup
Primal soup (image credit Expu

gave The fifth method Two more ingredients will be added to create a basic soup that will be fairly easy to preserve but still have many ways to make it, all in one combination. Oceans and Planets. Players will be able to use the following to create planets, one of which will be a comb. Twice across continents.

  • There will be four main modes that players can try. Continent.
  • Players can collect Great elements, after which they can proceed and hold together. Earthwhich can either be made by putting the two together. soil or may be obtained by mixing or even mixing two piles of earth. A continent and smaller Or by mixing earth and stone or by mixing large and clay.
  • Another method would be using a combination of Earth and land; As mentioned earlier, the earth cannot be created.
  • A third way would be to combine the two. Mountain rangeswhich can be created after players merge. Continent with a mountain. A continent can be made using two lands, or a land and a land, or a large one and a land, while a mountain can be made using one. Big and Earthearth and an earthquake, two hills, an earthquake, and a hill, or an earth and a hill or more.
  • A fourth method would simply involve combining the two. Landsand can be obtained by using land. Big soilBy mixing two piles of earth, mixing two clays, or mixing earth and stone.

After doing this, just create one the seaand merge it with the planet to create Starter soup.

Lava and the ocean

The last method that players can try is to use if they want to make an early soup. lava and sea, And lava can be made using two more methods as we mentioned earlier.

  • A method of making it must be used. Earthas well as Fire, which will already be presented to the players as a basic element; However, players are also able to combine the use of Wines,

Can be obtained by mixing alcohol. Fruit and the sun Or by putting juice and wheat together, or players can even go ahead and make one. Mixture of juice and time Or fruit and wheat.

Fire can also be obtained by mixing. Fireas well as coal.

  • Another way to make lava Earth and heat will be used, and there are many ways players can try to create heat, one of which would be to mix fire and science or mix philosophy and lava. It can also be made by combining energy and air.


And there we have it! All the ways players can make the initial soup, and with that, we’ll wrap up. Little Alchemy 2 How to make primordial soup leader! While you’re at it, why not read our How to Make Blades in Little Alchemy 2 guide?


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