Like RemedyVerse, gaming needs more shared universes.


Entertainment media has changed a lot in the past decades. Movies, video games, and TV shows have gone from using low-quality special effects to creating highly realistic visuals. Gaming is now one of them. The biggest industries On the planet, so it’s safe to say that a lot has changed.

Most of the time, changing trends and technological advancements exchange between these sources. For example, the development of Motion capture Gadgets in the gaming industry have helped promote the practice of movies and vice versa. This kind of overlap has helped all these industries develop.

Life of PI, a popular Oscar-winning film, used CGI tech used in games for its visual effects. As a result, he won one Oscar 2012 for Best Cinematography. The popular Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian It also uses tech from the gaming industry in its production.

ILM employee Stagecraft Tech instead of green screens in the show. As it turns out, Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 is a big part of that innovation. Unreal Engine was used to create CGI surrounds and project them onto nearby LEDs, creating a more realistic display.

The Mandalorian UE4
The Mandalorian used Unreal Engine 4 for its CGI.

Most of the series was shot by point-and-shoot cameras. UE4 The display showcases the importance of gaming tech in one of Hollywood’s biggest shows. So, these industries like trends, technology, and even directors. Michael Bay And Guillermo del Toro Dive into game development. But some trends in the film industry are not captured here, and one of them is the shared universe.

Since the beginning of MCU In 2008, big budgets Shared universes Hollywood has been all the rage. From TV networks to major movie studios, everyone is trying to create their own multi-billion dollar franchise. Big name characters from different shows/movies coming together, crossing over, and sharing the same universe is the premise.

Even books now employ this trend, with fantasy series becoming numerous. Spin-off. However, the surprising thing is that gaming has not yet adopted this franchise model. A number of popular IPs with a shared multiverse have no major crossovers or main characters.

Of course, fan theories and game devs have confirmed some of the popular ones Games share a video game world.. But, they never acknowledge each other’s existence or recognize each other. This is of course true for all but one gaming entity: RemedyVerse.

Remedy Entertainment’s shared universe

The developer Treatment entertainment has made quite a name for itself in the gaming world. For a company with only 2 studios worldwide, it has created some amazing IPs. Maximum Payne, optionAnd Quantum break. However, the title that established the crossover between Remedy games was none other. Alan Wake.

A cult classic, action-adventure game comes out 2010. Due to the combination of horror elements with items of legendary power, Alan Wake was a unique experience for players. This trait was its best asset as the title became an instant hit with fans.

It had a Nolan-esque mind-bending story, which became a trademark of Remedy games, and an interesting protagonist leading it. Alan Wake made several Year-end listings Among the best games of 2010, receiving worldwide acclaim. But, even with this great reception, the Remedy title fell short of its sales target.

What was supposed to be Alan Wake II turned into an Xbox One exclusive. Quantum break. Remedy’s universe didn’t take shape until their 2019 action-adventure title called Control. Being another experience that was going to go into the extraordinary, the hype for the game was important.

Like Alan Wake, Control was a critical darling and a popular hit with brilliant world-building and story elements. He also surpassed his predecessor financially. Remedy Entertainment’s revenue increased. Much more after the release. As of November 2022, it has. 3 million copies soldWhich led to the announcement of a sequel.

But, perhaps, his most unparalleled achievement was in the form of a. DLC after release. Fans were already theorizing that Alan Wake took place in the game World of Control. And his theories proved true in the game’s second DLC, AWE.

Alan Wake and Control shared universe
Alan Wake’s appearance in Control confirmed the existence of the RemedyVerse.

It was a crossover with Remedy’s Alan Wake in which we found out that both games exist in the same world. Not only is this DLC crossover the main characters of the two big ones. AAA IPs, but it also gives us a glimpse of Alan Wake years later. Our main character Jesse Fadden Alan Wake has to fight the main villain, Emil Hartman, As he associates with the central antagonist of control, hiss.

This was a big game changer as crossing two distinctly populated IPs is a rare sight in the gaming world. Not only does this create hype among fans, it also increases interest in IPs. Treatment confirmed Allan Wake II A year or more after return to control.

There have been crossovers like this before between the two popular houses of games developers. Assassin’s Creed And watch dogs The latter was a crossover in the franchise’s 3rd game. But, the crossover was just that. 2 story missions And not as well-made and complete as the RemedyVerse crossover.

So, as we’ve seen, video games can only benefit from such shared universes. Then why doesn’t it happen more?

We need more shared universes in gaming.

Games like Control and Alan Wake provoke the thought of how much our industry would benefit from shared universes. The hype around popular characters sharing the same world has taken over. Dhoom of the movie up a notch. A similar effect could occur in gaming if publishers decide to give their most popular IPs a common origin.

For example, Insomniac games are developing upcoming. Wolverine Games for PlayStation. The developer is also known for making the Spider-Man PS4 game in 2018 and its upcoming sequel. You can imagine how much a game crossing two characters would sell.

I Marvel Universe, these two characters are very crossover, so why shouldn’t gaming take this route? Such collaborations will increase interest from the general consumer, resulting in more sales. Control has already shown this effect by reintroducing Alan Wake and thus increasing the anticipation of the sequel.

Such shared universes will also lead to more opportunities. Telling a story And better narration. No one is saying that gaming has to be its own. Avengers: Endgame now. But, after several games of world-building, bringing two or more popular characters together can result in some awesome stories.

Wolverine/Spider-Man shared universe
The upcoming Wolverine game is one of many opportunities the industry has to create a shared gaming world.

The general public loves crossovers and big events. Giving them such titles with multiple flagship protagonists will result. Record breaking sales. So, any way you look at it, whether it’s narrative or commercial importance, shared universes seem like a treasure that gaming needs to unlock.

Someone from Red Dead Redemption 2 is showing up. L.A. Noir Can lead to a myriad of stories. Unlike movies and TV shows, it doesn’t just have to be cameos or fan service for the sake of fan service. The length of video games can allow these characters and their relationships to flourish, allowing for character development with fan hype.


Everyone knows that gaming is the biggest entertainment industry on the planet. But even the Giants can get better and better over time. Diving into shared universes and placing its biggest titles with similar themes in the same universe is the next logical step for the industry’s biggest publishers.

No one is asking for MCU copies, but missions, DLC, or Extension Such a collaborative foundation would do wonders. Imagine how complex and thought-out this punishment is.Wolfenstein Will be like the project. The gaming industry can only bank on the hype created by shared universes and therefore their creation should be a no-brainer.

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