Life is a strange giant teasing a new narrative game.


Highlights of the story

  • Don’t Nod has released the first teaser for their new narrative game.
  • Life is Strange creator Michael Koch is leading the project with series producers.
  • Veterans of the Life Strange franchise is developing this new narrative game.
  • Don’t Know’s Montreal Studio is developing the title.

Over the last decade or so, narrative-driven games that let you control how they unfold have become really popular. This has been one of the best offerings of this sub-genre. Life is strange. series and now, the creators of the franchise are creating a new narrative game.

The developer Don’t shake your head. posted a teaser image of its new narrative game with job openings. Which looks like retro. The 90s theme, this is the first teaser for his brand new IP.

Ever since the first game came out. 2015, Life is Strange has gained a cult following in the gaming world. Its subversive nature and willingness to discuss serious topics sets it apart from other narrative games. In addition to being a critical success, life is also strange. Over 3 million copies were sold.

So, a franchise-launching game was never in question. Prior to 2015, the game had a sequel, a prequel, and a spin-off. The series has held up well with recent releases, Life is Strange: True Colors, Generating double income of the first game.

But, there were some questions on the third game of the series. Don’t Node produced the first two games and during. Deck Nine Made a prequel and spin-off. As it turned out, Deck Nine got the gig for the upcoming Life Strange games while Don’t Nod focused on their IPs.

Don’t shake your head. Tweeted A picture of his upcoming project. The image shows a retro theme with an old console. CRT TV, in the basement. What catches our attention is what Don’t Know calls it a new narrative game, called Life is Strange.

other than that The 90s Tribute image, the developer also posted something Job listings for this game. So, it’s probably not releasing soon and far away. However, some fans under the tweet are assuming that it is a sequel to Life is Strange 2.

I 2021the studio said it would focus on new in-house IPs. Eurogamer also confirmed this. By saying don’t nudge, life was severing ties with strangeness. A major reason for this was the developer’s studio in Paris, which spun off Life is Strange and created a new studio in Montreal.

Michelle Kochthe Co-creator Life is strange, leading the project. He revealed this in a tweet while answering a fan’s question. Folk gardenerthe The producer According to Koch, of the franchise, is also working on the project.

Also, many Ex-servicemen from Life is Strange 1 and 2 are working on this new narrative game. So, while this might be a new IP, the creative force behind it has us excited.

We don’t know anything for sure about this upcoming narrative game. In addition to confirming that Don’t give up on Montreal. The studio is working on it, everything else is in the dark. But, judging by the team behind it and the connection to life is weird, it’s going to be a treat.

Working on the Creator of Life is Strange is enough to motivate us for this project. Hopefully we’ll hear more about this project as we’re eager to see what Don’t Node comes up with. Let’s hope we get to play along in this narrative game. Deck Nine Life is strange. Project

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