LibreOffice 7.5 launches with improved dark mode support and more.


John Callham


Feb 2, 2023 10:56 EST

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The Document Foundation team has just launched LibreOffice 7.5. The free-to-use productivity software suite has a number of new features and improvements. These include better support for dark mode, more colorful application and MIME type icons, and more.

You can see the main additions and improvements below:


  • Significant improvements to dark mode support
  • New application and MIME type icons, more colorful and dynamic
  • The Start Center can filter documents by type.
  • An improved version of the single toolbar UI has been implemented.
  • PDF export has been improved with several fixes, and new options and features.
  • Support for font embedding on macOS
  • Improved the Font Features dialog with several new options
  • Added a zoom slider to the bottom right of the macro editor


  • Bookmarks have been significantly improved, and are also much more visible.
  • Items can be marked as decorative, for better accessibility
  • Added new types to content controls, which also improve the quality of PDF forms.
  • A new Automatic Accessibility Checker option has been added to the Tools menu.
  • Initial machine translation is available based on DeepL Translate APIs.
  • Several improvements to spell checking


  • Data tables are now supported in charts.
  • The Function Wizard now lets you search in detail.
  • Added “spelled out” number formats.
  • Conditional formatting conditions are now case insensitive.
  • Correct behavior when entering numbers with a single preceding quote (‘).

Impress and draw.

  • New set of default table styles, and creation of table styles
  • Table styles can be customized, saved and exported as master elements
  • Objects can be dragged and dropped in the navigator.
  • It is now possible to crop videos inserted into a slide and still play them.
  • The Presenter Console can also run as a normal window instead of full screen.

As always with a new and major version release, Document Foundation Says that That LibreOffice 7.5 includes many improvements designed to help users share documents with Microsoft Office, or if they want to switch from MS Office.

You can. Download LibreOffice 7.5 now. For Windows, MacOS and Linux. The team now charges a $9 fee if you download the suite from the Mac App Store, but Mac users can still download it for free from the LibreOffice website.

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