Legacy and Windows LAPS passwords can now be handled using this unofficial GUI tool.


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Microsoft recently announced the availability of Windows LAPS (Local Administrator Password Solution). Although it currently has a bunch of interoperability issues with Legacy LAPS, Microsoft has confirmed that a fix is ​​coming soon.

In the meantime, an unofficial third-party GUI app is now available that will allow querying passwords and other related tasks, and claims to work well on both legacy and Windows LAPS. Dubbed “Simple LAPS GUI”, the tool’s description says:

A simple and fast GUI for Microsoft LAPS (legacy) and Windows LAPS. With this tool you can query passwords and change the expiration timestamp.

Version 1.0 of the tool was recently released. The complete feature set of the app is:

  • Simple and fast: Run the executable, type the computer name and press the ENTER key.

  • Supports Microsoft LAPS (legacy) and Windows LAPS on Active Directory environments.

  • Read the current password, current expiration timestamp, and password history (Windows LAPS only) from the Computer object in your local Active Directory.

  • Copy passwords (current and history) using the context menu.

  • Change the expiration timestamp.

  • Close the window by pressing the ESCAPE key.

The system requirements and limitations are given below:

System requirements

  • PowerShell 5.1
  • Windows LAPS PowerShell module
  • Optional to change the timestamp of Microsoft LAPS (legacy) passwords:
    • Microsoft LAPS PowerShell Module (AdmPwd Module)


  • An Active Directory Join machine is required to function properly.
  • Currently Azure AD is not supported.

You can download the tool. GitHub Note that this is unofficial software.


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