Leaked footage of the Persona 3 remake has surfaced online


Highlights of the story

  • Persona 3 is a turn-based dungeon crawler/social sim hybrid JRPG by ATLUS and part of the Persona series.
  • Recently, a user on Reddit posted footage of an alleged remake of the game.
  • The footage features Yukari Takaba, a primary party member of Persona 3.

one The footage was reportedly leaked. The highly rumored remake of Persona 3 has just hit the internet. The footage shows Persona 3’s main party member, Yukari Takaba, shooting down a shadow with his bow. The video itself comes from an anonymous source. Reddit which was previously deleted and has been reposted.

The footage itself is interesting because, as users on Twitter have already pointed out, it’s far too detailed to be fan animation. Even more suspicious is that the model of Yukari used in this particular video is probably not an existing official or fan-made one. The only minor “glitch” that might suggest it might be fake was the somewhat choppy-looking animation for firing the bow itself.

What’s interesting here is that the shadow being fought is one of the shadows you encounter as common enemies in the original Persona 3. That enemy is especially vulnerable to Yukari’s damage type. Even more interestingly, the footage was leaked earlier today ahead of another live Persona concert. The live stream announcement also teased some “exciting news” for the event.

However, we advise fans to approach this rumor with a grain of salt. As many already know, a Persona 3 remake is one of the most anticipated Atlus titles to date so fake footage isn’t out of the question. Furthermore, the possibility of a remake being announced is very unlikely, at least for now. That’s because Atlus just released a remaster of Persona 3 in January, along with PC and console ports of Persona 3 Portable.

As a personal fan myself, I certainly hope something comes of it. Persona 3 is the most interesting entry in the series with a relatively deeper story and more interesting characters. It also goes back to many of my problems with later Persona games. It would be a dream to further polish everything that is great about it while also eliminating most of its problems.

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