Lawbreakers can be brought back to life, but creator Cliff Bilczynski only wants to be his mentor.


Earlier this month, Cliff Blesinski posted a message on Twitter that seemed to hint at that. Law breakers, the arena sci-fi shooter he designed for the now-discontinued Boss Productions, could be resurrected. Now it looks like those expectations will have to be tempered a bit.

In the follow up Twitter postBleszinski said he discovered that Nexon, which published Law breakers, still owns the game’s IP rights. He advised Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney to message Bleszinski “so we can talk about the resurrection.”

Although he expresses interest in bringing the game back five years after Boss ceased production, Blissinski does not actually want to lead the game’s revival. In a Twitter post this weekend, he said, is “more than being a CEO and lead designer.” However, if another developer can bring the game back with Nexon as the publisher, Bleszinski said, “I’m down to consult.”

While the game received good reviews when it was first released in 2017, Law breakers It failed to gain enough online players to keep it going, and it closed up shop after a year, along with its developer. It was also the end of Blazinski’s game development career, having helped design and create the game unreal And Gears of War Series at Epic Games. However, he found time to write a recent memoir, Control Freak: Making My Epic Adventure Video Gameswhich was published in October 2022.

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