Latest AMD AGESA bios causes massive performance loss, boot fails on Ryzen 7000


The AMD Ryzen 7000 chip renders inside socket AM5

Firmware updates are often released by companies to address stability or security issues. However, sometimes, it’s the updates themselves that can cause problems. Such is the case with the new AGESA firmware for AMD Ryzen 7000 series chips. There are reports of a major issue on the 6 core /12 thread (6c/12t) Ryzen 5 7600X where the AGESA update is apparently disabling some cores. Therefore, affected users may experience major performance loss and the system may even fail to boot.

It’s worth noting that not all Ryzen 7600X CPUs may be affected. This bug appears to only exist on 7600X chips with cores on two CCDs (core chiplets) because the AGESA update is apparently disabling one of the core chips.

AMD Dual Chiplet Ryzen 7600X
A Dellded Ryzen CPU featuring two core chiplets (CCDs) and an I/O die

It is believed that the System Management Unit (SMU) version 84.79.204 is buggy and a new SMU 84.79.210 will fix this issue.

It is currently unclear whether other dual-CCD Ryzen chips are also affected. If it does, it will include the Ryzen 9 7950X, 7900X, and at least some Ryzen 7700X units.

Users who have installed this update are advised to roll back to the previous firmware release. You can download the BIOS from the “Support” section of their respective motherboard. Motherboard manufacturers have also started taking the AGESA update from their websites which is good to see.

To check your motherboard model, run “msinfo32” and note the motherboard model (baseboard product).


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