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Cybersecurity – Attack and Defense Strategies, Third Edition will bring you up to speed with the key aspects of threat assessment and security hygiene, the current threat landscape and its challenges, and how to maintain a strong security posture. will

In this carefully revised new edition, you’ll learn about the zero-trust approach and early incident response processes.

Ethical Hacking Python From Scratch 2799 Value eBook You will gradually become familiar with Red Team tactics, where you will learn the basic syntax for the tools commonly used to perform the necessary operations. You’ll also learn how to implement new Red Team techniques with powerful tools. Additionally, Blue Team strategies are introduced to help you defend your systems against sophisticated cyber attacks. This book provides a clear, in-depth understanding of attack/defense methods as well as patterns for recognizing anomalous behavior within your organization. Finally, you’ll learn how to analyze your network and address malware, while becoming familiar with mitigation and threat detection techniques.

By the end of this cybersecurity book, you’ll have discovered the latest tools to enhance your system’s security, learned about the security controls you need, and understood what each step of the incident response process is. How to perform

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Cybersecurity – Attack and Defense Strategies — Third Edition ($39.99 value) Free download

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