Lara Croft Collection is rated by ESRB for Nintendo Switch.


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  • A new rating from the ESRB suggests that a Lara Croft spin-off could finally launch on the Nintendo Switch.
  • The ESRB recently rated the Lara Croft Collection and evidence suggests that Switch ports to Feral Interactive began development in 2021.
  • Besides that, Because of the violence and language AT for Teen rating is attributed to the game.

A new one ESRB rating has confirmed that Nintendo Switch ports for the Tomb Raider spin-off are finally coming to the console as part of the Lara Croft Collection. Feral Interactive Ltd., the announced developer for these ports, is also publishing the collection as classified. So, while the classification doesn’t specify which titles, evidence suggests that players will soon be getting Square Enix ports. In October 2021.

Lara Croft and Guardians of Light and The Temple of Osiris are probably the games in this new collection. Regarding the rating, the ESRB has rated the Lara Croft collection T for Teens. The American rating board has cited mild language, violence and blood as its main reasons. Furthermore, the classification synopsis confirms that the collection does indeed consist of two Lara Croft spin-offs.

Lara Croft Collection ESRB Rated
Lara Croft Collection ESRB Rated

In summary, Lara Croft Collection features two spin-off action-adventure games where Tomb Raider and her allies search for artifacts to stop the ancient gods. It mirrors the plot of Temple of Osiris and, like the spin-off, the collection features a 3/4-overhead perspective of the games. Players will need to solve puzzles while traversing forest ruins, ancient temples and battling hostile creatures like stone demons.

Feral Interactive looks set to launch these Switch ports a year and a half after Square Enix announced the studio’s involvement. Previously, the British game developer ported Alien: Isolation to the console and is known for porting games to other platforms. Now, its Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light/The Temple of Osiris ports will be the first Tomb Raider games to launch on the Nintendo Switch.

Originally, Guardians of Light came out in 2010 for Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3, Android and iOS. It has an emphasis on multiplayer mode and cooperative gameplay in addition to single player mode without NPC AI. You control either the titular protagonist or the Mayan warrior Totek as both try to stop the evil spirit Xolotl. The Lara Croft spin-off was a huge success for publisher Square Enix Europe. 1 million copies sold As of 2013.

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