Kudos to EA for being faithful to the Dead Space co-creator remake


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  • Dead Space co-creator Glenn Schofield praised the new remake while also thanking EA Motive and the community in the process.
  • Glenn Schofield noted how the original release stood the test of time while thanking the developers for not straying too far in the new remake.
  • The CEO of Striking Distance Studios responded to his daughter Nicole Schofield’s post on LinkedIn to make the remarks.
  • Nicole Schofield took a nostalgic look back at the game’s pre-release, and noted how far the community had grown after initially weak sales. Dead Space has now evolved into a staple in the action horror industry.

Co-creator Glenn Schofield has labeled the Dead Space remake with the seal of approval, warmly welcoming the reimagining of the original horror classic. The current CEO of Striking Distance Studios also thanked the developers for retaining the core of the original installment in the new remake.

Nicole Schofield, Striking Distance Studios environment artist and daughter of co-creator Glenn Schofield. LinkedIn post Where he defined the original dead space. Glenn Schofield cites specific figures to force the new remake to exceed all expectations.

To all of you who worked on the original, thank you for your contribution to a wonderful game. It has stood the test of time. And to Motive, thank you for your care in recreating the game faithfully. Congratulations,” Glenn wrote in the comments of the LinkedIn post.

Nicole Schofield also looked back on the original Dead Space with admiration, calling the classic “the one”.A triumphant win for the sci-fi horror genre.

Nicole thanked the developers for the highly successful remake, welcoming it.bittersweet momentIt further referenced the original Dead Space releaseprimary memory,” looked back fondly at the game that started it all.

This isn’t a failed game, it was a triumphant win for the sci-fi horror genre. Shout out to Motive Studio for their amazing remake. Also congrats to the folks at the original, EA Redwood Shores/Viseral,” Nicole Schofield wrote in the original LinkedIn post.

According to Nicole Schofield’s post, Dead Space was originally considered a dud release by many gamers due to lack of initial sales. However, this quickly changed as more and more players entered USG Ishimura to experience the creeping horrors that the game had to offer.

Glenn Schofield’s portfolio is impressive, as the co-creator of Dead Space played a major role in reshaping the landscape of the horror genre. Recently, Glenn Schofield helped develop The Callisto Protocol as Striking Distance Studios’ first game, which received mixed reception.

Glenn Schofield hasn’t done his own reimagining of Dead Space, but the co-creator has captured some of its elements in Callisto Protocol. Despite significant flaws, including performance and optimization issues, the Callisto protocol proved to be a valuable experiment in executing aspects of Dead Space flawlessly.

The original Dead Space is known as a spectacle that continues to this day. Last week, the release of the remake was met with criticism from both veteran and new fans of the franchise, and players are already clamoring for a new installment in the beloved series. The new remake is already causing a resurgence in the action-horror genre.

What are your thoughts on Dead Space co-creator Glenn Schofield thanking EA Motive for their brilliant work with the remake? Do you think the remake lived up to all expectations while retaining the essence of the original? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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