Konami’s new Silent Hill 2 merch is facing heavy criticism from some fans.


Highlights of the story

  • Konami recently collaborated with Online Ceramics to bring fans Silent Hill 2 merchandise, which has come under fire for various reasons.
  • As criticized by viewers, the new costumes are extremely expensive, with some options nearly beating the price of the original Silent Hill 2 on eBay.
  • The shirts are filled with links to the site as advertising, leading fans to create their own fake wares to poke fun at online ceramics.
  • Some fans have even called the design ugly, and the outdated look of the website has turned others off.

As announced via Twitter, Konami recently partnered with Online Ceramics, a popular online clothing store, to bring fans Silent Hill 2 merchandise. However, the idea seems to have backfired for the studio, as many fans have called out the purchasable merchandise for supposedly poor design, high prices, and many other oddities. The recent offering has divided fans across a spectrum, as many have blamed the post for not buying themed clothing in responses to the post.

The website boasts a variety of merchandise, ranging from designs on the cute side to downright haunted costumes. All sizes are dealt on the official website, allowing gamers of all sizes to enjoy new deals. While some fans have praised Konami’s gesture, many others have united against it. For example, one customer worked to create Silent Hill 2 shirts after being disappointed with the design and price of the shirts available on offer.

The user put forward a few designs for the sake of objectivity and to poke fun at the seemingly ridiculous prices. Additionally, the mockup shirt also includes links to the site to mock the original Silent Hill 2 merch from Online Ceramics as the available shirts are also adorned with links to the site. Some options have two links to the website on the front and back, much to the dismay of many fans. As expressed on Twitter..

Another Twitter user created aesthetic-looking designs in just 20 minutes, almost resembling official commercial design standards. The shirts were emblazoned with the “Bad Designs” logo to mock the original offering. Commenters praised the shirt and described it as better than the online ceramics deal. There have been many. Other users Who have created or designed Silent Hill themed outfits in the recent past.

The backlash grew from there as one fan provided an alternative to the Silent Hill 2-themed chili, while others called out Konami for β€œmakingMany bad decisions.A page with nearly 6000 followers and is entirely dedicated to the Silent Hill series.Quiet Hill Fact HubAlso participated in Konami’s disapproval of the trade deal. “Sorry for the character assassination. This is the ugliest SH chili I have ever seen. I would pay more for the E3 SH2 pen.

Another focal point of hatred from fans emerged from the insane prices of some of the options featured on the site. In other words, some of the selections are almost as expensive as the original Silent Hill 2 currently available on eBay, causing fans to boycott the deal altogether. One customer specifically pointed out the black work paint option, which retails for an incredible $270 USD.

Unfortunately, the insults to the new Silent Hill 2 merch deal don’t end there, as others were quick to call out the website’s very outdated design. The online ceramics website has a very minimalist design from the late 90s, which seems to have not sat well with some customers who were attracted by the new sales. Many onlookers believed that the link was broken because of the simple setting.

Overall, some of the online ceramics designs were also appreciated for their attractive quality. A spectrum of fans have also supported the Silent Hill 2 merch lineup. Some have expressed interest in buying from the new collaboration.

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