King of Fighters XV Patch 1.62 brings notable changes to the gameplay.


SNK announced that patch 1.62 of The King of Fighters XV will be live on. January 17th at 12am PST. The update is set to bring several gameplay changes and improvements as per the patch notes.

The main purpose of patch 1.62 is to buff less frequently used characters while nerfing powerful characters and moves. Some quality of life improvements will also come with it. King of Fighters XV 1.62 Update.

Key takeaways:

  • King of Fighters XV patch 1.62 goes live on January 17th at 12 AM PST.
  • The update introduces several quality of life refinements as well as numerous gameplay changes.
  • The update goes live on February 17, 2023, exactly one month before KOF XV’s first anniversary.

The King of Fighters franchise has been one of the biggest names among fighting game fans since its launch in the arcades. 1994. The King of Fighters XV is the fifteenth and latest franchise installment. The game was released last year. 17 February 2022.

The 1.62 update goes live exactly one month before that. First birthday of King of Fighters XV, brings many improvements to the game. SNK also revealed the patch notes for the 1.62 update, according to which several less-used characters have been buffed.

Some quality-of-life refinements include a redesign of the member selection screen. Players will no longer need to leave the room to adjust their battle settings, as the 1.62 update allows them to do so while inside the room.

Here are the upcoming system fixes that are coming with patch 1.62.
Here are the upcoming system fixes that are coming with patch 1.62.

Among the changes that affect all characters, one of the most notable is the fact that you can collect. Power gauge While inside MAX mode. Kruching LK Will not kill now Airborne opponentsAnd Guard cancel blowback No longer allowed No follow up.

gave The default blowback trick Adjusted to increase most characters. Combo scaling value.

Here are some changes that will affect all characters after patch 1.62 goes live.
Here are some changes that will affect all characters after patch 1.62 goes live.

The 1.62 update of King of Fighters XV also brings several changes to catch up. Throw away the mechanics. Counter-throws can no longer be made during normal attacks, command moves, and blowback cancels.

Air throws have also been adjusted so that all characters have the same horizontal grab range for air throws, with one exception. Clark Has a slightly larger horizontal grab range than any other character in the roster.

Actions that require DP input (forward, down, down forward) have minimized their command input window to avoid any accidental DP input. Quarter circle forward motion.

Among other changes, special throws for most characters now increase instantly. 50 power gauge on startup. Recovery frame on whiffed special throw With a few exceptions, additions have been made.

You can check out SNK’s official 1.62 patch notes For a detailed overview of character changes for The King of Fighters XV. You can also watch the video below for a more detailed review.

Earlier this month, SNK also announced Many new and old characters are joining the game in the coming time. Season 2 DLC. between characters, Lesser I am also returning to the roster of King of Fighters XV. Spring of 2023.

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