King Legacy Update Log & Patch Notes – Latest Update: (4.5.0 Update)


We have full King Legacy An update log and patch notes are available for players who want to keep up with game updates. King Legacy is a Roblox fighting game inspired by the popular anime and manga series One Piece. Venture Lagoons.

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Update 4.5.0 changelog and patch notes

UPDATE 4.5.0

- Bomb V1
- Gravity V1
- Electro V1
- Venom V1 V2
- Water Style
- Spin
- Starter Melee Combat

- Phoenix Blade's Damage
- Reduced Boss Health -50% (First Sea)
- Reduced Ghost ship health 7.5M => 3M
- Reduced Hydra Health
   - Phase I 2.5M => 2M
   - Phase II 5M => 3M

- Adjusted Longaevus's Damage
- Adjusted Night Blade Z Awake's Damage
- Adjusted Quake Awake's Damage

- Muramasa Increase Cooldown/Nerfed Damage/Buffed Muramasa Stack Faster
- Adjusteded Shop Prices
    - Gem
       - 119 R$ (5 => 25)
       - 449 R$ (25 => 125)
       - 829 R$ (50 => 250)
       - 1500 R$ (100 => 500)
       - 3349 R$ (250 => 1250)
    - Money
       - 50 R$ (25K => 100K)
       - 199 R$ (110K => 400K)
       - 349 R$ (210K => 700K)
       - 499 R$ (325K => 1M)
       - 999 R$ (700K => 2M)
- Fruit Restock every 1 Hour => 3 Hours

- Acroscyth / Sweet Lozenge / Pumpkin Smasher now Tradable!
- Revamp Trade UI
- Revamp Skill locked display
- Revamp Combo Damage Display UI
- Revamp Settings UI
- Allies Players
   - UI's Name showing Green Color also Obeservation.
- NPC instantly stop follow when you're at the safe zone.
- Added Eating Fruit Animation
- Added Custom animation
- Added Walk/Wun footstep sounds
- Added Race Human,Mink,Skypian,Fishman
- Added Blacksmith 
   - Sword can be now upgradable by Materials
- Added Materials
- Added Logia's effect hit sound
- Added Gamepass Spawn Hydra
- Added Armament Color Storage
- Added Movement Animation Store
- Added Destroyable Tree , Log can be obtained by destroying it!
- Added Logia hit sound effects
- Added Tracking Quest Button
- Prevent changing a inventory item during combat.
- While Hovering the Exp and Health both all numbers can be seen. 
- While hovering over the status text will show stats information such as SAFE ZONE/SUPER SAFEZONE/IN COMBAT/PVP DISABLED 
- When killed player or Level up will regen health 50% 
- Fixed sky jump while you're dashing
- Remove several skill moves that have to be held while attacking.
   - Dark Skill Z,X
   - Dough Skill V
   - Light Skill V
   - Phoenix Skill X
   - Soul Cane Skill X
   - Etc. (Mostly on holding skills)
- Changed Sea Texture
- Health's Regen will be stopped when you're using the skill (Holding)
- Revamp Animation more smooth combine (Magma E Griffin, Ice Avis)
- Fixed Sea King , Hydra glitch not spawn
- ifunable to reach the Damage Requirement player won't be able to collect the treasure.
   - Sea King require 100k Damage
   - Hydra require 250k Damage
- Legacy Island will only sink after someone claimed the chest,Who opened the chest first 'the island will  sink in 5 minutes.'
- The Requirement for open the Legacy Island's Chest.
   - 100K+ Damage on Sea King
   - 250K+ Damage on Hydra
- X2 drop item gamepass now availble on sea king,hydra chest,materials.
- Added Number of legacy island and countdown time before island will sink.
- Random Conqueror Color now need to use Sea King's Fin x1. material to random
- Daily Login Reward (Reset every 20 Hours after claimed)
- You will spawn lastest position you died or left game.

     V1 - Teleportation more further.
     V2 - ???
   -Mink (Boost running speed's stack only when equipped Speed's Accessories) 
     V1 - Run Faster
     V2 - ???
     V1 - Sky Jump Higher (Landing passive by holding a jump while falling within the air. ) 
     V2 - ???
     V1 - Decreased Swim Damage , Swim Faster , Able to see through Underwater clearly.
     V2 - ???
- New 33 Materials
- New Blacksmith
   - Upgrade your swords by materials (Current Cap: +1)
- New Island
- New Quest
- Level Cap: 3800
- Added All Races Progression
- Added Electro Progression
- Added Dragon Claw Progression
- Added Daily Quest

Event Santa Factory
- Limited Sword
- Limited Accessories
- Candy material can use to random fruit
- Fixed fruit stock time showing 0 in 2nd sea in new server (1st sea is normal)

Update 4.0.2 changelog and patch notes

Nerf all boss health 20% (1st sea)
Nerf all boss health 40% (2nd sea)
Nerf boss cooldown skill longer
Nerf some Golden Arena boss,npc health 30-50%
Nerf all ships health 50%
Fixed sand c damage overpower
Fixed Magma x unawake damage
Fixed some server sea king doesn't spawn
Buff Bullitus walkspeed

New code 'UPDATE4.0.2'

4 Update the changelog and patch notes

- Added New 2 Island (2ND SEA)
- Added New 2 Awake Fruit
- Added New 8 Swords
- Added New 11 Accessories
- Added Dark Leg V2
- Added Observation V2
- Added Armament V2 (You can change the haki shade colours in game)
   - Unfortunately Armament V2 Weapon haki on mobile it's bugged due to roblox glitch so we can't do anything about it as of now.

- Added New Hydra Sea King Bosses
   - Hydra spawns in sea beast island has a chance of being hydra instead of sea beast (Mythical Sea Beast)
   - Added Tier 4 Chest (Hydra only)
     Hydra chests chance
      - Tier 1 Chest 1%
      - Tier 2 Chest 74%
      - Tier 3 Chest 24%
      - Tier 4 Chest 1%
Hydra Phase I 2.5M HP
Hydra Phase II 5M HP
Hydra Phase Body 2M HP
  - Hydra will spawn 2 hydra's minions 10B HP (Which is impossible to kill) 

Revamp & Change
- Revamped String fruit
- Phoenix (Full Form) / You won't be able to move while using X and E move on phoenix full form anymore.
- Sky Jump will automatically recharge to full when you touched the ground
- Sky Jumps will scale on level (+1 every 500 levels) instead of melee stats (Cap: 8)
- Every fruits flight move can only be used for 10 seconds
- You can't equip/unequip awake while holding skill
- Added Acroscyth weapon Animation
- Snow / X not do damage anymore
- Fixed Mobile Direction while charging
- some balances was made to everything in the game swords, fighting styles, fruits (can't go in depth here it would be too long.)
- If you're too far away from your targets/enemy your damage will be avoided (you won't do any damage to your target)
- Your moves can now be cancelled if you got attack while using it
- Changed legacy islands spawn so it spawn closer to the main islands
- Revamped dash animation and also made the dash faster
- Removed ghost ship from legacy pose
- Normal enemies and bosses will now target you if you go nearby them (hostile)
- List of revamped bosses / also gave them some skills
 1st Sea
   - Ball Man (Lv. 850)
   - Bomb Man (Lv. 625)
   - Candle Man (Lv. 525)
   - Combat Fishman (Lv. 2050)
   - Dark Leg (Lv. 300)
   - Dory (Lv. 350)
   - King Snow (Lv. 450)
   - Leader (Lv. 1100)
   - Leo (Lv. 1400)
   - Wolf (Lv. 1250)
   - Giraffe (Lv. 1325)
   - Little Dear (Lv. 500)
   - Pasta (Lv. 1150)
   - Seasoned Fishman (Lv. 2200)
   - Shark Man (Lv. 230)
   - Smoky (Lv. 20)
   - Tashi (Lv. 30)
   - The Barbaric
 2nd Sea
   - Bean (Lv. 2800) (Brachiosaurus)
   - Bear Man (Lv. 2750)
   - Duke (Lv. 2550) (Allosaurus)
   - Elite Skeleton (Lv. 3100)
   - Gazelle Man (Lv. 2350)
   - Joey (Lv. 3000) (Mammoth)
   - Meji (Lv. 2850) (Spinosaurus)
   - Pachy Woman (Lv. 2900)
   - Violet Samurai (Lv. 2500)

Game UI
- New Inventory Appearance (Swords, Accessories, Fruits)
- New Fruit Shop Appearance 
- New Random Fruit Appearance 
- New map
- New server browser (BETA TEST)
- New server region (check server ping)
- New red bar inside health display
- New raid boss health display
- New Settings Enable/Disable Ally Effects

Update 3.51 changelog and patch notes

Update 3.51
All in below Fixed
- Xbox Geppo broken
- Remove Santa in first sea
- Flame V Mobile Shift lock
- All ships animation
- Ice X Mobile Shift lock
- Nerf King Samurai Health and Change despawn time 30 Minutes => 1 Hour
- Fruit Eat/Collect/Drop not work sometime

Magma/Ice Awake Price Update
- Ice C 150 => 125
- Ice E 250 => 175
- Ice V 325 => 275

- Magma C 150 => 125
- Magma E 275 => 200
- Magma V 350 => 300

New Code "UPDATE3.5" + 5 Gems

3.5 Update changelog and patch notes

Update 3.5

• Added 2 New Legendary Swords
• Added 2 New Accessories
• Added 2 Awakening fruits
• Added Night Blade V2 Progression
• Added new tier of items called "Collectibles " these item in this tier are beyond limited these are Items that was obtainable but it wasn't anymore and it won't come back (such as Xmas blade)
• Added enable/disable for multiple texts display in setting (Ex Dodge Text Combo Text Jump Text)
• Added NPC for Conqueror Colors random and Sea king also has a low chance of giving you an access colors randomize at this NPC
• Added a new secret dragon colors/skins
• New dying effects for both players and mobs
• Changed texts for reward
• Awakened moves now has officially names for them once u got them awakened and equipped 
• You can see the exact amount of gems/money$ by hovering your mouse around the text
• Made it so you can't aim your skills through walls anymore
• Legacy Pose now have an animation display when equipping
• Changed King Samurai spawn time from 3-4 Hours to every 2 Hours
• You won't get the same colors/skins from dragon appearance random anymore
• Spirit Fruit price decreased from 3000R$ => 2250 R$ Also changes the tier from Legendary to Epic
• There will be more alert messages such as when you awakened power, level up, received an items

Revamps & Changes
• Bubble (Bullitus) will automatically exploded if you used fly, transformation, teleport moves
• Gum flight speed now scale with health like other flight (the lower you are the low speed you'll be)
• Buffed rumble dmg all skills
• Revamped Dragon fruit moves Z,X,C,B
• Revamped Cookie Sword Z move
• Revamped Hell Sword
   - Changed effect on Z move and also buffed the range
   - X Move buffed speed and buffed the range this move will do 10 hits to your opponent the last hit(10th) will be a critical hit
• Reworked Conqueror
   - Changed the effect
   - There are now different colors of Conqueror (if you have Conqueror once you joined the game you'll get a random colors)
   - Conqueror will now only stuns your opponent if their levels are lower than yours for 5 seconds and it won't stun someone with the same levels as you are
• Dash effect revamped
• Reworked mobile shift lock 
• Reworked Mobile buttons (Observation ,Armament ,Conquer ,Dash ,Run ,Teleport)
• Revamped some Bosses ,Mobs animation in first sea
• Reworked the menu section and also added a key binds to close/open the menu by pressing "M" and trading/setting buttons got moved to the menu

Legendary : 
Epic (New Tier) : 
Rare : 
Uncommon : 
Common : 
New Level Require to go Second Sea 1500 => 2250
Level Cap 3300 => 3400
Stats Cap  4125 => 425

Update 3.15 changelog and patch notes

- New code +3 Gem 'Update3_15'
- Added '!join PlayerName' command must be friends in roblox either the command won't work and it will only work if you're in the same sea

3.14 Update changelog and patch notes

 - Fixed Allo, Spino can't jump 

 - Fixed Mammoth Mobile Full-Form 

 - Fixed Mammoth Auto Attack Hitbox / You can hit multiple targets now 

 - You can't change accessory while transforming anymore 

 - Can't Transform while using Bullitus Anymore (Allo, Brachio,Buddha, Dough Donut, Dragon,Giraffe, Human,Leopard, Mammoth,Phoenix, Spino,Venom, Wolf) 

 - Fixed false ban because of using buddha / you can join update 3.14+

Update 3.12 & 3.13 changelog and patch notes

Update 3.12 
- Nerf Smoke Hydra Damage
Update 3.13 Only New Server
- Fixed Fruit Bag glitch
- Fixed Dark Ball Damage

3.11 Update changelog and patch notes

Update 3.11 Only new server
- Fixed Mammoth,Smoke in shop

3.1 Update changelog and patch notes

Update 3.1
- Fixed xbox run
- Fixed Mammoth Mobile
- Fixed Dark

3 Update changelog and patch notes

- Buddha Revamped

2 New Fruits
- Smoke
- Mammoth Model

2 New Swords
- Jitter
- Sweet Lozenge

8 New accessories

- The Santa has returned to the first sea

- Changed the map theme into winter

- Added a new raid boss
  - there will be 3 different mini boss for raid that will spawn when the boss hit certain amount of health 
     - 80% Health (Deer)
     - 50% Health (Elf)
     - 30% Health (Ginger Bread)

- Added ghost ship event the event will be spawning randomly around the map if you destroy the ship the reward will appear 
  - The event will spawn every 4 hours and it will spawn in random spot around the second sea
- After the ship got destroyed the ship will spawn underneath it
  - You'll need a accessory called Bubble in order to go underwater
  - Accessory Bubble can be bought from a npc at skull island
  - Legacy Pose is work with Green Arrow

- Added Event Island

Rate Drop Candy to Summon Event Raid Boss
  Legacy Island Chest
     - Epic Chest (Tier 1) 4%
     - Sea Beast Chest (Tier 2) 8.3%
     - Dragon Chest (Tier 3) 16.6%
   Ghost ship
     - Ghost Ship Chest 10%

- Buffed all dinosaurs runing speed (Allo,Spino,Brachio,Mammoth) The speed do stack with accessories 
  - Only running speed were buffed not walking speed
     - Brachiosaurus +5 Speed
     - Mammoth +10 Speed
     - Allosaurus +20 Speed
     - Spinosaurus +25 Speed

2.5 Update changelog and patch notes

Update 2.5

Added Loading Screen
Added 1 Fruit
Added 1 Sword (Limited)
Added 4 Accessories (Limited)
Added Trade System Require Level 1500
Added Fruit Inventory (Gamepass)
Added Spawn Legacy Island Product

New Event Island Second Sea
New Raid Boss
New Setting (No Ally, No Trade)

Change Map Theme (Halloween)

2 Update changelog and patch notes

- Added 2 Awakening (Bomb,Quake)
- Revamped Barrier,Op,Shadow,Love
- Added 7 Swords (1 Legendary)
- Added 1 Legendary Fruit
- Added 13 Accessories ( Each one will have it own buffs)
- Raised level cap to 3300 / Stats cap 4125
- New island in second sea
- New Dungeon Normal
- Revamped UI
- Revamped Ship Model and new ship Galleon,Sloop
- Changed Armament / Observation Haki buttons J => T/ K=Y
- Moved every islands in both seas to make them closer to each other (inculding npcs)
- Revamped Observation your dodges will increase when the time passed by 10 seconds = 1 dodge increase (you must disable it first and you can open/close it in 1 second now)
- Sky Jump Adjustment ( Normally you'll start at 6 jump and +1 every 250 melee stats ==> you'll get 1 at first then +1 every 500 melee (regen every 1s per jump when you on ground)
- HD Effect off this is a new feature for mobile/ low spec devices
- Damage Text Off
- Moved gifting ui from menu to Black market npc.
- If you got killed your pvp will automatically turned off for 20 minutes (You can re-open immediately in settings you can also disable this feature in settings)
- You can only gain bounty from a person 3 times a day mean you won't get thier bounty if you killed them more than 3 times ( To prevent bounty duping in future)
- Buffed every quests from level 1-3000 + 26.9% of exp (This is permanent)
- Level difference system (You won't be able to get bounty from anyone who 500 level lower than you)
- You won't be able to spawn a boat if there any boat on the dock (To prevent boat gltiches)
- Nerfed Authentic Triple Katana X Damage
- Nerfed Phoenix / Added a new E move to full form
- Nerfed Cyborg repair move
- Nerfed Op heart move (You can only press it once now)
- Nerfed Gas C
- Buffed Night Blade Z damage
- Fixed Ice path falling under the sea
- Fixed Gum Snakeman Z,X bugs 
- Moved codes section to settings
- Xbox Auto Zoom Out when transfrom Allosaurus,Spinosaurus,Brachiosaurus,Buddha,Dragon,Phoenix,Venom
- Added global bounty rank for top #1-100
- New black market buliding 
- Changed ice fruit material to neon
- Sea King will be spawning in private server now but it will spawn every 2 hours instead of 1

1 Update changelog and patch notes

 Added Premium benefit when owning premium, you will get 15 % bonus from purchasing gems / beli as well as increasing gacha spin amount 5 => 7 and skippable perk.
- Added a Gifting system for gamepass/some products such as permanent fruits gems and beli.
- Rasied level cap 3100 => 3,200
- Added sword sheaths ( also added sword carry to your characters waist/ back )
- Added Sea Beasts
- Added 2 new fruits 
- Added 3 new swords
- New Model for Night Blade / Bisento / Hell Sword / Mom Blade / Saber
- New Model for Phoenix ( e.g Half / Full Form)
- Revamped whole UI for NPCs dialogue/Quests/Skill Cooldown
- Revamped Ken Haki ( Also fixed not targeting someone that came in range after you activated it. )
- Revamped Quest system a bit from now on quests rewards will be depending on your levels (mean if you're high level and doing a low-level quest your rewards will be lower btw this will happen if you complete quests that are about 200 level lower than your level.)
- Reworked every fruits model
- Added Reset Stats NPC (Drago)
- Fruit cleaning system ( the system will remove every fruit on the ground every 30-60 minutes this system will not include a fruit that spawned under a tree and there will be multiple notifications)
- Added Legacy Islands which randomly spawn every 1 hour the sea beast will appear around the island when it spawned you must beat them to get the rewards (Note: The legacy island it's only spawning in the second sea and it won't spawn in a private server)
- Added 2 New Game passes x2 Drop Chance / Legacy Island Lockpose 
- Revamped Armament buso effec
- Revamped Night Blade moves set
- Revamped Mom Blade move set 
- Revamped Pipe / Triple Katana / Pole / Mini Mace / Katana / Bisento/ Shark Blade / Tashi Blade moves set.
- Revamped Phoenix moves set (Also moved Phoenix tier from Rare => Legendary )
- Revamped logia fruits Ice / Magma / Light / lightning / flame / Sand / Dark
( moved ice tier Uncommon ==> Rare)
- Revamped Gum fruit (Also moved gum tiers Common => Uncommon)
- Revamped Venom fruit also added an awakening for it.
- Revamped Cyborg fighting style.
- Decreased bosses health in the second sea to make it easier and consistent with the  quests system revamp
- Revamped 12 islands except for chef ship, zombie, Fishman island
- Buffed rewards from quests for low levels
- Removed Bisento, Shark Blade seller now you can only obtain them by killing Quake Women on War Island and Fishman boss on Arlong park.
- Added delay time to xbox auto-lock this will prevent some issue
- Buffed Expert Sword Man boss and some other bosses.
Decreased Expert Swordsman health 3M > 2.5 M
Rumble V CD 25 => 30 
Nerfed string fly speed
Fixed not auto allying in raids ( Bring back auto ally)
Buffed Authentic Mace skills damage when combined with Dragon Dragon
Buffed Bisento skills damage when combined with Gura Gura (Quake Quake)
Buffed Adventure Knife skills damage when combined with Mera Mera(Flame Flame)
- Increased MomBlade drop chance 1% => 15%


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