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Looking for the greatest characters of King God Castle? If so, we’ll give you a full breakdown of the game’s top PvE and PvP characters in our King God Castle tier list. In the strategy game King God Castle, you must use the heroes and your strategy to stop the invaders.

Key highlights

  • The King God Castle game currently has one. List of 33 characters For its players, each with a matching number of hero skills to serve.
  • Characters are ranked based on important playing metrics such as spell power, attack speed, and health, while passive skills are also valued.
  • With this criterion in mind, Leonhardt, Hansi, Behemus, Asiaq, Bombie, Lyca, Mel, Luniare, Zuo Yun, and Zupitere Game King is the most incredible hero in God Castle.
  • Characters that fail to perform well will push you into the endgame of King God Castle. Rosette, Lily, Evan, Ren, and Rahak.
  • Make it easier to win King God Castle by choosing higher level units or the ones you think best suit your playstyle.
King God Castle Tier List Characters Ranking Table
level the role
S. Tier Leonhardt, Hansi, Behemus, Asiaq, Bombie, Lyca, Mel, Luniare, Zuo Yun, and Zupitere.
A-Tier Draco, Daniel, Aramis and Shelda
B tier Mara, Border, Chung Ah, Priya, and Yoon
C tire Joule, Kane, and Alberon
D. Terr Rosette, Lily, Evan, Ren, and Rahak

Enemies are threatening the fort, so we must secure it now to protect it from attacks. In this game, you can pick six smartest heroes and empower them with priceless treasures like gold and gems. There are currently 33 playable heroes in the game.

Each hero has a special hero skill. Heroes can level up by increasing other metrics like their spell power, attack speed, and health. At levels 4 and 8, they will also gain passive abilities that further empower them. At level 12, a talent will also become available.

Heroes gain experience points by completing chapters, buying items from the daily shop, buying scrolls from the shop, or using experience books. Some heroes (such as Mara from Chapter 2 and Jules from Chapter 5) can only be obtained by progressing through the chapters.

The rest of the heroes must either be bought with gems from the Daily Shop or summoned on occasion for 2% for normal scrolls, 5% for King’s Scrolls, and 10% for God’s Scrolls. There are other options though, such as buying heroes from the King God or New Hero Scrolls.

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General information about King God Castle

In the first part of our King God Castle tier list, we’ll go over some general game information. By double-tapping a character, you can use a technique to merge yourself to perform better in the game. Relics are another component of the game that can help and reward you in your gameplay.

You can also earn rewards for completing campaigns. With multiple altars and character levels, you’ll get a lot more XP out of the game using your XP relics. Blacksmiths and heroes should generally use higher roll chances.

Additionally, having that much gold on hand makes all your blacksmithing and heroism shine in the game. If you are lucky enough to play the game, you will be able to complete the gameplay with only a few T4 weapons and all the platinum.

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The King God Castle tier list is based on the following tiers.

  • Q: Incredible character
  • A: Good characters
  • B: Moderately/negligibly weak
  • A: Characters who aren’t strong enough.
  • D: The weakest character

S. Tier

King God Castle Tier List S-Tier

The characters on the King God Castle S-Tier list are the best of the best and incredibly powerful. They work best in our ranking list.


Bombay is from the Mage class. She deals damage with “magical damage”. She can bomb random enemies. Explosive bombs deal 3×3 damage.


Just as Bombay Asia also belongs to The Mage Class. He damages enemies with his magic damage. He has significant damage due to his abilities.


After Aasiq comes Bhimas. He is from the tank class which means he has “very high” HP but low damage. Nevertheless, he is still a great character. Bahemus jumps and then falls. When he lands, he damages enemies with a wave of hits, knocks them back two fields, and briefly stuns them.


Hansi is a ranged character. She deals damage to her enemies at a distance. She does a lot of damage with her bow, shoots arrows quickly.


He is a tank character. When he uses the Smite ability, he hits enemies with his shield. It stuns opponents within 1 horizontal range in front of it for 1.5 seconds and deals 30+ (current spell power) damage. Levels 3, 5, and 7 will increase its hitting range. No doubt, the best character in the King God Castle tier list.


Laika is from the fighter class. He has good HP and attacks. She transforms into a werewolf, teleports behind a distant enemy, and knocks them out cold.


Mail also belongs to the fighter class. Using her Shockwave ability, she stuns an opponent for two seconds while dealing damage in three areas.


Luniare is a supporting character. Depending on her ATK and spell power, she grants one ally 5 seconds of protection. She also gives them a full recharge of their attack and magic damage.

Zhou Yun

Zhou Yun is an assassin. When he is in rage mode, his strike speed increases by three seconds. He has low HP but high damage. He is a great character to use.


Zupitere is a magician. She uses her magical abilities to deal massive damage. She creates a bolt of lightning, and enemies lined up adjacent to each other are fired.


King God Castle Tier List A Tier

The A-Tier characters are done quite well. However, there are some small problems with these characters.


Shielda is a tank. He has high HP. Shelda can use her willpower to create protection around her with the 30+ (current spell power) Ironwill ability.


Aramis is a ranged rifleman. He can deal decent damage from a distance. He hits a single target in the head for (current spell power) damage. His attack does not use this ability. Spell power will be used to deal damage.


Daniel is a fighter. He has decent damage output and HP. He stuns nearby enemies, dealing a lot of damage.


Draco is from the mage class. He shoots out a cone-shaped flame that deals a lot of damage to his enemies.

B tier

King God Castle Tier List B Tier

The characters in the King God Castle B tier list are common. They fall prey to strong characters because they are relatively weak.

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Yun Mage class is from Aswell. Whenever she hits a single enemy, her damage spreads to a nearby ally and heals them.


Priya is a mage who likes to use her magical attacks to freeze her enemies. She can freeze an opponent for a short period of time.

Chung Ah

Ching Ah has passable HP and attacks. He primarily swings his spear to deal damage to nearby enemies.


Border belongs to support class. He distributes the mana units in a 3×3 circle.


Mara is an assassin with decent HP and attacks. His primary method of dealing damage to an opponent is to teleport behind the opponent and stun them.

C tire


The C-Tier characters of this King God Castle tier list are mediocre. With these features, winning is hard to come by. Replace them as soon as you get a chance.


Alberon is a fine support unit. His main priority is to heal the companions around him.


He is also from the killer class. He teleports to an opponent with minimal mana and attacks them with magic.


Joule is from the fighter class. She can turn into a vampire for four seconds while reducing damage and dealing damage all around her.

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D. Terr


D-Tier characters are the worst in King God Castle. Thus they were placed on the D-Tier of this King God Castle tier list.


Rahak is a broad character. This means he deals damage from a long distance. The opponent furthest away from him takes damage and his attack speed is reduced for 5 seconds.


Ren is also in the fighter class. She primarily deals damage by slashing nearby enemies.


He uses Crescent Slash to unleash a piercing flash from his blade that deals 20+ (current spell power) damage to enemies in a horizontal arc in front of him. As he levels up in the game, the range and damage of this skill improves.


He is also a tank class which gives him high HP and low damage output. His specialty is creating golems for his use.


She deals damage to one character and removes 20% of the target’s maximum health (damage limited).

Grade List Criteria

We have an ideal level list because we’ve spent a lot of time playing the game ourselves. We reviewed the heroes in ideal order to get the best rating. If you want to play with the best unit you have to follow the tier list.

We can’t guarantee that the items in our tier list will meet your needs, so try a few different ones to see what works best for you. It is recommended that you check the higher-level characters first, and if that is not what you are looking for, check the lower-level ones.

An S-tier character may not suit the players playstyle as well as a C-tier character. This is often because different participants have different perspectives.

While the main purpose of the King God Castle tier list is to highlight the top heroes in the game, keep in mind that the meta and level of each hero may change with each update. Please let us know which characters you like the most in the comments section below.

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