Jeffrey Hinton, the “Godfather of AI”, has left Google to talk about the dangers of AI.


Geoffrey Hinton

One of the pioneers of modern artificial intelligence development, dubbed the “Godfather of AI,” is sounding the alarm about the dangers of the technology spiraling out of control. That person is Jeffrey Hinton. He recently worked at Google on AI projects, but no longer.

As The New York Times According to the report, Hinton has left Google, where he had worked since 2013. Prior to his time at the company, he co-authored a 1986 paper proposing algorithms for neural networks. He is considered one of the leading developers of deep learning, and along with two other researchers, won the 2018 Turing Prize for his work.

However, Hinton is now concerned about how the development of AI has been much faster and faster than he had previously predicted. The sudden launch of chatbot AI programs like ChatGPT, Microsoft’s BingChat, and Google’s own Bard could be the first step toward AI becoming more intelligent than the humans programming it. He stated:

“The idea that these things might actually be smarter than people — some people believed it. But most people thought it was far-fetched. And I thought it was far-fetched. I thought it was 30 50 years or so away. I don’t think so anymore.”

In the near future, Hinton believes AI could create realistic-looking “deeply fake” images that could make it difficult for people to tell what’s fake and what’s real. Down the road, he thinks AI could not only eliminate jobs but humanity itself, if AI learns to read and write code on its own without human intervention.

The New York Times reported that Hinton spoke with Google CEO Sundar Pichai before her official departure last week, but there is no word on their conversation.

In a Twitter post today, Hinton said he wasn’t trying to criticize Google, which he believes has “acted very responsibly” in terms of AI development. Rather, he felt that leaving the company would allow him to “talk about the dangers of AI without considering how it affects Google.” Jeff Dean, who was recently named Google’s chief scientist, responded to the article, saying the company is “committed to a responsible approach to AI.”


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