iOS 16 now runs on 90% of iPhones released in the last four years.


Apple iPhone 14 Pro

Apple has updated iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 device usage data on its developer website. According to the latest numbers, iOS 16 now runs on 90% of active iPhone models released in the last four years. After that, at 8%, iOS 15 and older software versions occupy the rest of the device share.

Device usage sharing iOS and iPadOS

On the other hand, when considering all active iPhones out there, the iOS 16 update is running on 81% of devices, which is 28% higher than the iOS 16 usage data Apple released earlier this year. . For reference, Apple collects usage data based on devices transacting on its App Store.

Speaking of iPads, iPadOS 16 software now runs on 76% of all devices released in the past four years. during this71% of all active iPad models run iPadOS 16, a 21% increase over previous numbers.

Device usage sharing iOS and iPadOS

When it comes to adopting the latest software, Apple devices are a few steps ahead of Android, largely due to the tight integration of Apple’s ecosystem. For example, Google’s Android 11R has the highest device share among all versions, as it was last released in April this year.

So far, the latest stable versions of iOS and iPadOS are iOS 16.5 and iPadOS 16.5 which were released last month. The device usage data arrived just days before WWDC 2023, where Apple will talk about its next big software updates, iOS 17 and iPadOS 17. You can check out the new WWDC23 Power Up Playlist in the meantime.

Among various features, iOS 17 is expected to bring app-side loading functionality to iPhones along with redesigned system apps and turn-by-turn navigation on the lock screen. However, it is rumored that the sideloading feature will be limited to the European region only. For iPads, Apple is expected to reduce various lock screen customizations of iOS 16 in the next major update. However, this information was provided by a recently deleted Twitter account.


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