Intel still says Meteor Lake CPUs are coming out in late 2023, but there may be a catch.


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On Thursday, Intel revealed its latest. Financial figures for the first quarter of 2023. As expected, a big slowdown in overall PC shipments for the quarter weighed on Intel’s numbers. Intel recorded a loss of $2.8 billion for the quarter, its biggest quarterly loss ever. However, that number is still higher than Intel’s previous expectations.

Additionally, the company seems very optimistic about its future CPU plans, according to its press release:

Intel is on track to meet its goal of acquiring five nodes in four years, with two of the five nodes almost complete. Intel 7 is in high-volume manufacturing and CCG’s Meteor Lake product on Intel 4 is starting production wafers for an expected launch in the second half of 2023. Intel 3, Intel 20A, and Intel 18A are on track.

On the surface, hearing that the Meteor Lake CPU design is still coming out this year is good news, PC gamer notes that it may first be released as a low-power laptop product, rather than a high-end desktop or laptop CPU. In fact, Meteor Lake may not be released as a desktop chip at all. Current rumors claim that the next major 14th-gen Intel Core desktop chip may actually be a minor update to the current Raptor Lake-S design.

2024 is when we could see a major desktop CPU architecture launch with Arrow Leak, which is supposed to use the previously mentioned Intel 20A node. This will be a true next-gen desktop release from the company, if it sticks to its current schedule. If you’re thinking about performance, Intel is introducing a new L4 “Adamantine” or “ADM” cache, which can speed up booting.


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