Intel is about to make some big changes to its future CPU branding.


An image showing one of Intels 13th gen processors.

It looks like Intel will be making some big changes to its CPU brand names in the near future. The company’s director of global communications, Bernard Fernandes, made a post on Twitter today, where he made some unspecified comments about “brand changes” coming to the processor company.

Fernandes’ Twitter post said the change was due to “an inflection point in our client’s roadmap” as Intel is about to launch its next major CPU architecture, codenamed Meteor Lake. It is scheduled to happen sometime in the second half of 2023. Fernandes wouldn’t go into more detail about those brand changes, saying only that we’ll know more about them “in the coming weeks.”

An indication of this change recently emerged in Oxide Games and Stardock’s RTS game benchmarks Ashes of Singularity. Anandtech reports that the benchmark result, which has since been deleted, showed a gamer running a previously unknown “Intel Core Ultra 5 1003H” processor. This could be an indication that the current “i” branding that has been around for over 10 years may be on the way out for future Intel CPUs.

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