Instagram rolls out a redesigned editor for reels, trending section, and more.


New Instagram Features

Instagram has it. announced A bunch of new features and changes for its short video format Reels. The app has got a redesigned Reels Editor UI that simplifies the arrangement and timing of various elements. There is a unified editing screen where users can add additional clips, text and stickers to their Reels draft.

The new Reels editor also offers the ability to zoom in and zoom out on the timeline just like traditional video editors. Users can tap on an audio clip in the editor to time it according to the visual. All these editing features are now available globally on Android and iOS devices.

New Instagram Features

A fresh new feature for creator accounts is a new section where users can find the latest Reels trends such as popular audio and hashtags. Tapping on an audio name shows how many reels featuring that particular audio have been created.

Additionally, Instagram has added two new metrics under Reels Insights to give a better overview of content performance. It’s total view time and average view time that Instagram says will help creators “better understand where people are engaging or give you a stronger hook to keep viewers engaged.” may need to be made.”

New Instagram Features

Another Reels-related addition is that the app will throw a push notification that follows a user after viewing their Reels. Instagram is also rolling out its paid gifts feature to more creators, rolling out in Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, New Zealand, and the UK in the coming weeks.

Creators will also be able to see the names of users who have sent them gifts and acknowledge them by tapping the heart icon next to their names. All of these contribute to the list of Instagram features to be released by 2023, including collections, broadcast channels, silent mode, and payment verification.


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