In The Secret Wild Adventure of Sea of ​​Thieves, players pursue secret stars.


Finding time for it. Sea of ​​Thieves Players once again as Rarity embark on the first adventure of 2023 in their pirate game. The limited-time event, this time called The Secret Wilds, marks the twelfth story mission to arrive in the game. The update also has good news for Faction Fighting players. The matchmaking system improves..

In The Secret Wilds Adventure, players continue to search for a solution to Tasha the Tavern Keeper’s growing skeleton curse. After speaking with Madam Olivia, players will now receive Brigzi’s mask to retrace their steps using hidden star fields, which will hopefully lead to a cure. Go here to catch up. On what has happened in the world Sea of ​​Thieves Leading up to this update.

The free adventure runs from now until February 2. As usual, completing this event will grant players a special title for their pirate as well as a cosmetic reward.

Sea of ​​Thieves

As for PVP matchmaking improvements, time spent waiting for new contenders should now be reduced thanks to the implementation of same faction battles. They will be considered only if no rival is found from the rival faction. Rewards for Loyalty, Hourly Value, and Streaks will also increase as usual.

Rare has also added 50 more locations where battles can take place to further diversify the action, while no rewards will be awarded for battles where multiple crews will team up against a single opponent.

Search full. Patch notes for this update here., which also details some insects that have been squashed. The update weighs in at around 8GB depending on the platform, and is now available for all players on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, as well as Game Pass subscriptions.


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