Huawei opens up EUV chip manufacturing process, according to patent filing


Huawei is now able to make chips using a method called extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV). The Telegraph reported.. The Chinese company, which has been approved by Western countries, submitted a patent in November that shows it has learned to use the EUV method. To date, only one other company, ASML, has learned how to use this process. The likes of Intel, Samsung, and TSMC use machines developed by ASML.

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With Huawei’s progress, it will now be able to use this process for its own chips. The Telegraph also reported that Huawei Chairman Eric Su issued a message at the end of the year in which he announced that the company is now in crisis following the imposition of Western sanctions over the past few years under the leadership of former President Donald Trump. is out of mode.

Sanctions against Huawei over the years have hurt the company in many ways. It has failed to ship Google software to its Android phones and has responded by developing its own apps and services, and countries including the UK have forced companies to remove Huawei devices from mobile networks to protect sensitive data. Don’t be stopped.

Now that it has cracked the EUV process, consumers who buy Huawei devices should benefit from better-performing chips. However, it is unclear how long it will take for the company to use the process for commercial devices.

Source: The Telegraph (Yahoo! Finance)


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