Huawei launches in-house ERP tool in big win after US sanctions on vendors like Oracle


Huawei has recently faced a number of challenges due to the US ban on technology exports, which actually began in 2019 under the Trump administration. This has handicapped the company not only in terms of access to US customers but also in purchasing technology for its infrastructure. Now, the Chinese firm Declared a big win. As it launched its own enterprise resource planning (ERP) system away from US vendors.

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For those unfamiliar, ERP is a core component of organizations – both large and small – to manage resources. Several companies like Oracle and SAP provide customized ERP solutions that can be leveraged for this purpose. Although Huawei has not mentioned which US vendor it originally used to meet its ERP needs, it has announced a successful transition to MetaERP, its in-house software.

Huawei says its legacy ERP system was in use for the past two decades and was contributing to billions of dollars in revenue worldwide each year. However, after the US sanctions in 2019, the Chinese firm started building its own solution away from this ERP system.

MetaERP was built over three years with the collaboration of thousands of people and numerous partners. It is now live and handles “100% of Huawei’s business scenarios and 80% of its business volume.” Huawei has already tested it in monthly, quarterly and yearly settlement and ensured that it is flawless. It is described as “future-oriented, highly scalable, and cloud-native” and is already integrated with other Huawei systems such as EulerOS and GaussDB.

Tao Jingwen, Board Member and President of Quality, Business Process and IT Management Department at Huawei noted that:

We were cut off from our old ERP system and other core operations and management systems more than three years ago. Since then, we have been able to not only build our own MetaERP, but also manage the switch and prove its capabilities. Today we are proud to announce that we have broken the blockade. We are saved!

While it’s interesting to see Huawei reduce its reliance on the US to such a large extent, what’s even more interesting is the prospect of the firm commercializing MetaERP and selling it to as many customers as possible. Don’t want to choose the solution offered by his choice. Oracle and SAP. However, Huawei has yet to talk about the possibility of this happening.

Source: Huawei through Reuters


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